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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 228

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Chapter 228

So, Julian wanted her to wear a maid uniform?

Diana was stunned speechless once more.

“This is humiliating!” Diana finally understood why Julian had set the alarm to wake her up in advance.
He even had Mr. Carter deliver the dress to her personally!

It was a clear attempt to humiliate her.

“I won’t wear it,” Diana said firmly, looking straight at Mr. Carter.

Mr. Carter had a serious look. “If you don’t wear it, we’ll have someone come and help you. It’s the
master’s orders.”

It meant that Diana had to wear it, even if she didn’t want to.

Diana was certain Julian was capable of such a feat. After all, what’s the difference between doing this
and forcing her to the cold operating theater for an abortion she desperately refused?

Julian had never respected her, and did as he pleased based on his mood swings.

He truly meant it when he claimed he didn’t love her.

All the more reason Diana wanted to get a divorce.

Diana stood rooted to the spot, thinking about how empty her divorce plan was. She couldn’t help but
remind herself that she needed to have patience and endure again.

She needed to bear with it in order to keep herself and her babies safe. Once the divorce was finalized,
she wouldn’t have to cater to Julian’s ridiculous whims anymore.

Besides, Kayla was more anxious about the divorce than her. She couldn’t afford to mess up.

With these thoughts in mind, Diana picked up the maid’s outfit and wore it without complaint. Upon
going downstairs, she found Julian sitting on the couch.

He had his leg folded across the other, his posture elegant and noble. He exuded a dominant aura, and

looked at Diana with utter disdain.

Was he going to supervise her as she worked?

Did he say he was busy?

Contempt and disgust rushed through Diana, but she remained silent and didn’t say anything to him.
Her current goal was to have as little contact as possible with him and hopefully be invisible to him.

Yet, to her surprise….

From the moment she arrived downstairs, Julian kept staring at her despite there being no

between them.

To be more precise… He kept staring at her belly.

She was still in the early stages of pregnancy and was careful to eat healthy. She hadn’t gained weight,

she definitely wasn’t showing any visible signs yet. Regardless, she still tensed at the attention and
quickly took her broom to the kitchen, slowly hunching inwards as she did so, looking like a little
curled–up shrimp.

She thought she would be safe in the kitchen. Much to her chagrin, Julian followed her.

His attention was still on her stomach.

The air between them dropped several degrees, and Diana felt cold sweat dripping down her back. She
subconsciously moved to protect her belly with both hands. Suddenly, Julian opened his mouth to ask,
Aren’t you hungry?”

Diana felt the tension drain from her body. “…Are you hungry?”


Julian hummed. “Well, there are no set rules yet. From now on, make breakfast first once you wake

Looking at her small and flat belly, it seemed she had lost weight. She had only been eating vegetables
and a bit of meat, after all. She was already so thin, yet she wanted to lose more weight. It seemed she
had even forgotten how to eat properly.

Impatient, Julian demanded, “Hurry up.

To Diana, however, his cold order was proof that heaven had answered her prayers. Relief washed
over her. As it turned out, Julian was simply hungry. He hadn’t discovered anything suspicious about
her stomach. Julian raised an eyebrow as he watched Diana flit around the kitchen, almost looking like
she was dancing in front of the stove. Because of the maid outfit, she looked more petite than usual.

As he watched her, his lips subconsciously curled upward.

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