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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 226

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 226

Kayla thought that after she returned, Julian would end his ridiculous marriage with Diana and make
Diana disappear from their lives completely.

Yet, despite the excruciatingly long wait, their divorce kept getting delayed.

Instead of things going smoothly for her, Julian’s heart seemed to be gradually changing.

Diana sighed, breathing slowly as she pondered about what to say. She glanced at Kayla; she decided
to throw out some bait under the pretense of confiding in the latter in a heart–to–heart talk, and said,
“Let’s be honest. I understand your feelings. As you know, I’m going to be a mother. I want to leave
Julian more than you think. I want to hurry and divorce him because I’m afraid he’d do something to my
babies. But…”

Diana’s tone suddenly changed. “It doesn’t seem like he wants to divorce me at all.”

Kayla was shocked.

Diana’s words had merit; it was exactly what Kayla was seeing at this moment.

Indeed, Julian was wavering.

The thing was, he didn’t realize it himself.

It was why Kayla didn’t have the guts to tell Julian that Diana still had her babies. She feared he would
be even more reluctant to let Diana go once he discovered that the baby was his.

For now, Kayla didn’t dare take that gamble.

Diana’s words impacted Kayla so much, she almost fainted from shock.

“And?” Kayla challenged, her nails digging into her palm. Her eyes were as fierce as a wolf, but there
was also an undeniable trace of fear in them.

Diana found it confusing. Was there something about her that frightened Kayla?

In truth, it was only natural for Kayla to be afraid of Diana.

Everything Kayla had with Julian had been built on the foundation of stealing Diana’s achievement for
saving him as a child. Fortunately for Kayla, Diana knew nothing about it. Kayla knew that if she used
her chances well, Diana would be a weapon which she would use to cement the divorce.

Thus, she announced boldly, “Julian will live with me until we grow old, and you’ll be kicked out. You’ll
never have the chance to be Mrs. Fulcher ever again!‘

In spite of her haughty claim, getting kicked out was what Kayla feared most.

She suddenly approached Diana, tears gathering in her eyes.

“Diana, please… Please give me back Julian! Return him to me! If you’re willing to do so, I’ll continue.
pretending to make things difficult for you in front of him so that he’ll feel sorry for you. You’ll get more
benefits for your divorce. Keep your word and return him to me, will you? This marriage between you
two… It should have been ours from the very start!”

The more Diana listened, the more strange it sounded.

Usually, Kayla would only switch to her two–faced persona when Julian was around.

When had he arrived? Had he heard what she said about her baby?

Instantly, Diana wanted to slap herself. She had been too negligent!

Yet… It was too late.

Julian had walked in.

However, he stopped at the bathroom’s glass door and didn’t go any further.

“Kayla? Are you crying?”

With those words, Diana instantly understood the situation.

Julian had entered the bedroom instead of the bathroom to avoid embarrassing himself in front of
Kayla, in the case she and Diana weren’t decently dressed. It seemed he had just entered the
bedroom, so he hadn’t heard their earlier conversation.

In conclusion, Kayla’s tragic little act had been for naught.

Sure enough, a trace of embarrassment flitted across Kayla’s face. “I–It’s nothing. Diana asked me to
come in so she could give me a back rub.”


Since when was Diana so kind?

Julian glanced at the bathroom, but didn’t move further\. He simply called out, “That’s fine. Take good
care of Kayla, nanny.”

When Diana heard the way he addressed her, she nearly blew her lid in anger.

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