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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 224

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 224

It was a divorce plan.

Diana recalled the recipe that Fanny had provided her. Since she was giving birth to twins, she could
only hide her pregnancy until she reached the fifth month, even with a strictly controlled diet and


After that, others would definitely notice her bulging belly.

She had to finalize her divorce with Julian and disappear before the time limit was up, which was
around New Year’s Eve.

How could she ensure that the divorce was finalized within this time frame?

Diana pondered about the issue for a while, but came up empty.

In the large, white document before her, only one word was written on it.


She hadn’t finished her day’s work, but when Diana saw that everyone had left and she was alone in
the office, she lost the desire to work late. As she was distracted by this thought, she received a call
from the villa.

Mr. Carter’s voice came through the other end. “Miss Winnington, it’s time for you to come back and
prepare dinner.

Diana was speechless. They were really treating her like a nanny!

For a moment, she was sorely tempted to ask if she could move out. She wouldn’t be living off Julian’s
money then, would she?

However, she calmed down and thought about it. If that happened, Madam Fulcher would definitely find
out, and the divorce would be delayed indefinitely.

Opening the same file again, she stared at the word on it, tracing the alphabet slowly and repeating it in



Reminding herself to bear with the torment, she packed her things decisively and left the office. When
she arrived at the villa, she went straight into the kitchen. As she hadn’t cooked for so long, her skills
were rusty; it took her two hours before she managed to produce two dishes.

Kayla and Julian sat at the dining table, and watched as Diana worked.

Kayla was ecstatic.

The whole situation made her feel like she had really become Mrs. Fulcher, and Diana was simply a
nanny at

her disposal. So…

What if she made this tired nanny even more exhausted?

If something were to happen to Diana’s belly, it wouldn’t be her fault, right?

Kayla thought about it. Seeing that it was a good plan, she cleared her throat and said sweetly,

Chapter 2ZZA

Julian, should I help Diana?”

Julian looked at her with gentle eyes. “Are you hungry?”

Kayla shook her head. “That’s not it. I just feel like eating crab casserole, but I’m afraid it’ll trouble
Diana. Besides, it’ll be faster with two people.”

Julian shook his head. “It’s no trouble.”

After saying that, he got up and walked to the kitchen and told Diana, “Make a crab casserole. And
move faster.”

The knife in Diana’s hand suddenly fell heavily onto the chopping board, looking like something straight
out of a murder scene. Her eyes flashed with a murderous glint that sent chills down one’s spine.

But before Julian could say anything, she raised an eyebrow, looking as if nothing was wrong, and
picked up the knife from the counter. “Okay.”

Whatever they wanted, she would just do it.

But she was currently a little tired, so she needed to consider if she could endure the workload forced
on her. So, she pulled a chair and sat down before handling the crabs.

Afraid that the sharp claws would hurt her, she was extra cautious. She meticulously set to work,

serious the entire time.

At that moment, she was akin to a sponge that could absorb limitless amounts of water. Regardless of
the way others mistreated and their ridiculous demands of her, she looked like she would be able to
absorb everything without a problem.

To put it nicely, her personality seemed to have improved.

To put it less nicely, she had become a lifeless doll.

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