Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 225

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 225

Kayla had an oblivious look on her face, as if she had Diana’s best interest in mind. She said
innocently, ” Diana. Since you’re the Fulcher family’s nanny, you’ll anger Julian if you eat at the same
table as us.”

Julian glanced at them both and said, “She’s right. You don’t deserve to eat.”

Diana was speechless. Was she supposed to starve?

Well, the dishes on the table weren’t exactly great. After a while, she simply gave up.

Fine, she wouldn’t eat with them if they didn’t want her around.

She would return to her room and order takeaway instead.

So she turned around and replied mechanically, “Okay.”

She looked like an obedient, sweet and submissive doll.

Julian watched her retreating back as she went upstairs, and an inexplicable emotion suddenly welled

within him.

His heart was constricted.

He couldn’t let Diana stay, but he also felt deeply unhappy if she left.

He was stuck in limbo.

Diana wanted to go to bed and rest quickly after eating, but seeing as tomorrow was a weekend, she

the bathroom and ran a bath instead.

For the sake of her babies, she lowered the temperature so that the water would be cool enough for
them but still warm enough for her to relax.

To her shock, Kayla suddenly barged into her bedroom while she was taking a bath. Although there
were many bubbles floating on the water and nothing could be seen, Diana was still furious about it.

After all, the bedroom was her personal space. The fact that she was taking a bath made it even more
of a privacy issue.

For Kayla to barge in uninvited and unannounced meant that the former couldn’t care less about Diana.


Diana recalled what happened earlier during the day. Once again, she reminded herself to have
patience and endure.

Even so, her expression wasn’t as composed as she wanted it to be. It was difficult to maintain a
neutral voice as she spoke, “Did you need something?”

Kayla stood by the door, looking at Diana coldly. “Yes.”

Diana stared at Kayla silently, her lashes fluttering slightly as she blinked slowly. The dense mist in the
bathroom surrounded her, giving her an impeccable and ethereal impression.

Their faces were so similar, yet at this moment, Kayla felt that they couldn’t be any more different. The

thing they shared was their appearance.

If anyone interacted with them, he or she would immediately notice the huge difference between them.

How was it possible for Julian to not have realized this in the past three years? How could he have
treated Diana as Kayla’s replacement without noticing anything amiss?

It was so much unlike his usual sharp self.

In fact, it was exactly why Kayla felt even more threatened.

As Diana was soaking in the bathtub, she had no patience to wait for Kayla’s explanation. “Speak up.
What is


Kayla returned to her senses when she heard Diana’s voice. “What exactly do I have to do for you to
divorce Julian?”

Kayla couldn’t wait any longer.

Every day was utter torture.

It was rare for Diana to witness Kayla’s vulnerable side. She was so startled, she froze.

“You two…” Diana paused for a while before continuing, “Had a good relationship before this, didn’t

Kayla nodded without hesitation. “Of course! If we didn’t, Julian wouldn’t have been crazy enough to
look for someone like you to be my substitute after I disappeared!”

That was true.

Diana laughed at the ridiculousness of it all. “Yes, I’m your substitute. So, you don’t have to do
anything. Julian and I will definitely get a divorce.”

“But it’s been so long! Why haven’t you divorced?!” Kayla yelled in frustration, her expression

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