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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 212

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 212

“Me? Misunderstand you?” Julian sneered, his eyes turning cold at her accusation. “How have I

misunderstood you?”

If she didn’t intend to show that she had other men hankering after her, she wouldn’t have even joined
the gathering in the first place!

She had her own pride and dignity to preserve, didn’t she?

What happened to that?

If she didn’t intend to show her tears, she shouldn’t have cried in front of him in the first place!

What happened to her headstrongness?

Hasn’t she been very headstrong recently?

Were they all nothing before him?

Who would believe her!

“You’re right. You didn’t misunderstand me.” She was the one who misunderstood herself. She thought
she could let things go, but she was still clinging onto the marriage, thinking that Julian would one day
look at her, Kayla, and their three–way relationship through an ordinary, objective man’s eyes.

But he would never be ordinary or objective in viewing these things.

As long as it involved Kayla, he would lose all sense of standard.

Everything ended up being her fault.

Was she not willing to accept this reality yet?

“I’m sorry,” Diana looked right at him and said emphatically, “I should never have appeared before you
guys, the golden couple that everyone’s envious about. I’m sorry, I should have held out any ounce of
hope that ultimately meant nothing. I’m sorry, Julian Fulcher. I should never have fallen in love with

If she didn’t have love, she wouldn’t be as burdened as she was right now.

“Before we divorce, as long as Grandma isn’t around, I think it’s better that we don’t talk to each other.
Maintaining our distance will be good for everyone.”

With that, she wiped her tears away and entered the restaurant again.

She had to eat a few more pieces of wagyu to hit her protein intake for the day.

Since someone was footing the bill, she didn’t want the food to go to waste.

What’s more, there was probably more energy and time–consuming tasks waiting for her to do in the
afternoon back at the office. She needed the energy and nutrients for sustenance.

But when she returned to her seat, people sitting around her had all left.

Everyone looked at her in disdain. After all, to them, Diana was like a third party between Julian and
Kayla, entangled in some underground relationship with her brother–in–law.

Julian, as she had expected, did not stand up for her at all.

All of them stood on Kayla’s side, without any exception.

Including Jayden, who had walked to the restaurant with her and shared with her insider information.

After the meal, as everyone was leaving the restaurant, Diana was the last to exit. She was not
surprised to see the cake that she gave Jayden discarded into the leftover soup in the steamboat.

As it turned out…

Her token of appreciation was worthless in their eyes.

Perhaps getting along with colleagues at the workplace wasn’t necessary after all.

Diana took a deep breath and rubbed her belly, her expression resembling that of a victorious general,
as she slowly walked back to the office.

“Diana, here’s a report I need your help with. Give it to me in an hour’s time.”

“Diana, these documents need to be tidied up. Do it as soon as you can.”

“Diana, collate all the design works that have been awarded in design competitions over the last three
years, organize them and send them to me.”


Diana had never felt as popular as she was throughout the entire afternoon.

Everyone in the team number two that Kayla was leading seemed to transform into useless burns who
couldn’t do anything without her, chasing her endlessly for tasks they needed done.

She was still working overtime until ten in the evening.

“This won’t do, your body can’t take it. My two angel babies can’t take it either!” Nina expressed her
concern and opened the nutritious meal she prepared for Diana while forcing her to shut down her
computer. “Eat it while it’s hot, quick.”

At the same time, Julian looked into the office and saw Diana having her meal. He lifted his hand and
flung the food he brought into the trash can.

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