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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 223

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 223

The way he addressed Kayla grated harshly on Diana’s ears. Adding to the terrible situations she had
gone through in the past two days, Diana could feel herself growing more and more upset.

In the end, she was only one woman.

A woman who had been living and relying on her own since she was a child, and had tried hard to
obtain love and warmth.

If she could, she would have liked to go back to the past three years where she had relied on Julian.
Unfortunately, everything shattered the moment Kayla arrived.

And Diana, the rightful Mrs. Fulcher, no longer had the right to voice her objections after getting kicked
out by the man she loved. Up till now, her life was still influenced by his status. Thus, she had no
choice but to

endure Kayla’s incessant harassment.

Diana only wanted to use this job to get a fresh start on her new life. Unfortunately, Kayla was also
here. She was forced to put up with Kayla until her patience finally ran out and she fought back. And
now, hearing Kayla addressed as “Mrs. Fulcher” instead of her crushed her spirit completely.

In the end, this was Richburgh. Here, she could do nothing against Julian. She couldn’t even resist him.

When Diana walked out of the office, her heart was cold and heavy. The person in charge had warned
her that if she continued to clash with Kayla, he wouldn’t bother showing Fanny any courtesy and
would dismiss

Diana anyway.


Her dismissal wasn’t because of her mistakes at work; rather, it was because she had messed with the

woman in Julian’s heart, Kayla.

Unfortunately, now was not the time to fight back, as she really needed this job. Diana had grown up
alone in the boonies; she knew survival was always top of the priority list.

Tolerance was sometimes very important, especially in the situation she was in right now. She had to
keep her job and protect her children. More importantly, she couldn’t get into another conflict with
Kayla. Even if Kayla deliberately caused trouble, Diana had to tolerate it.

One slip–up could lead to a big mistake.

At this moment, there was nothing more important than safety and survival.

Still, her heart ached at the thought of Kayla mistreating her simply because Julian had her back.

Well… It didn’t matter. Diana could protect herself.

She slowly walked back to her workstation and looked at her ruined skirt. Her face twisted into an
unsightly expression that looked worse than crying, and she silently clenched her fist tightly. Looking
up, Diana spotted Kayla’s gloating smirk in her direction, but Diana simply let her fist go.

She even shot Kayla a smile that held a hint of relief.

Kayla, who was smiling smugly, froze at Diana’s reaction.

She hadn’t really wanted to do anything to Diana. That approach would’ve been much too obvious and
easy to leave traces. Everything would backfire on her if it turned out that Julian actually cared about
the babies in Diana’s stomach and stood on Diana’s side.

Instead, she tried making Diana miscarry through mental torture and oppression. However, she didn’t
expect Diana to be so mentally strong.

Not only was Diana unaffected by today’s chain of events, but she also managed to smile at Kayla.

Logically, the person in charge should have berated Diana and put pressure on her. So why? Why was
Diana smiling at Kayla?

Upset at this turn of events, Kayla used the company’s intranet to assign a long list of tasks to Diana.

Diana accepted them all without complaint and buried her head in work. However, only she herself
knew that she didn’t concentrate on the assigned task that afternoon.

Instead, she worked on a plan.

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