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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 222

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 222

She had a feeling Kayla would target her stomach next, with the goal of causing her to miscarry.

Sure enough, she could see that Kayla’s eyes were always focused on her belly, whether intentionally
or otherwise. There was a sinister glint in them, and Diana shuddered at the wicked thoughts running in
Kayla’s mind.

At this point, Hannah finally reacted. Knowing that Kayla was standing up for her, she gained her
courage and screamed at Diana, “You hag! How dare you!”

After saying that, she tried to push Diana. However, she wasn’t the only one doing so. The rest of her
colleagues also surrounded Diana. As for Kayla, she was already bringing out the waterworks. To top it
off, she was trembling and shaking like a leaf.

“Oh, Diana! Why must you go against me everywhere? Hannah’s a good friend to me. Is that why
you’re giving her trouble? I…I’ve already endured so much at the Fulcher residence… Can you please
stop harassing me?”

That statement twisted the entire situation, placing Diana in the spotlight again.

Those who were at the dinner last night had clearly seen Julian’s affection for Kayla. They now
surrounded Diana, turning against her.

Kayla stood behind them, grinning haughtily at Diana. From this angle, Diana was the only one who
could see her vile expression.

“We’re at work,” Diana said, looking at them and reminding Kayla where they were. “Don’t go

She may be strong at heart, but it would be difficult for her to protect herself with so many people


“Overboard? Who’s the one going overboard now, Diana Winnington?” Someone yelled boldly,
defending Hannah and helping her wipe her hair. “Mr. Fulcher treated us to dinner last night, so we
won’t let you do anything to Mrs. Fulcher!”

Diana looked at the group of self–righteous people, finding the entire situation to be absolutely
ridiculous. ” How am I the one going overboard?”

Did they expect her not to fight back or say anything after getting bullied?

“You made Chief Winnington cry! Isn’t that going overboard? Plus, you threw coffee all over Hannah in
front of all of us. Isn’t that going overboard too?”

It seemed everyone was against Diana. They were biased, both in their hearts and eyes; exactly like
Julian, who always favored Kayla.

“Everyone, let’s not be mean to Diana,” Kayla said, raising her hand and pretending to wipe away tears
that weren’t there in the first place. “She might have been confused, and that’s why she did that to

After saying that, Kayla bowed to Diana. “I shouldn’t have attacked you just now, but as the chief, I was
uncomfortable to witness such a horrible thing. Besides, I’m your younger sister. I don’t want to be your
enemy. I was a bit too harsh, and I apologize for that.”

The distance she was bowing…

It was just a hand’s length away from Diana’s stomach.

In other words, if someone bumped into Kayla, Diana’s stomach would take the brunt of the impact.

Diana had only reached her third month of pregnancy, so it was difficult to say what would happen.
Feeling a little threatened, she stepped back a little and said, “I’m not angry, Chief Winnington, but it’s
working hours now. I hope you can control everyone and return to work.”

To her surprise, a hand suddenly landed on her shoulder.

A smirk danced across Kayla’s lips.

Diana was caught off guard. She tried to turn around to shake the hand off, but the hand gripped her

shoulder so tightly to the point that she couldn’t move.

It seemed to belong to a man.

Was it Julian? Was he here at Esteem Creations again?

But… It didn’t feel like him.

Diana quickly grabbed the corner of the table to avoid any possibility of bumping into anything or falling
to the ground. She turned around with much effort to see who it was. Surprisingly, it was the man in
charge of helping her with the induction yesterday.

He gave Diana a dark look and said, “Come with me to the office.”

Then, he turned to Kayla and smiled. “Don’t worry, Mrs. Fulcher. I’ll make sure to sort this out for you.“

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