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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 221

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 221

Diana stood up straight away. She pointed at the chair and asked angrily, “Who did this?”

Hannah averted her gaze immediately, avoiding Diana’s eyes. Diana said nothing more; instead, she
grabbed a cup of coffee from Kayla’s table and stood before Hannah.

“W–What are you doing?”

Diana’s powerful and confident stance, adding to the cold aura she emanated, turned Hannah into a
meek mouse. She cowered at Diana’s fierce scowl.

Diana held the cup over Hannah’s head. There was no warmth in her sharp eyes; only coldness
remained as she hissed dangerously, “Don’t mess with me.”

As she said that, she upturned the cup and splashed the coffee all over Hannah’s head. The dark liquid
poured on Hannah’s hair, turning it into a sopping wet mess.

Hannah was terrified and humiliated. She didn’t expect Diana to react this way, especially when
everyone was looking.

After that, Diana calmly pointed to the coffee stain on her skirt and said calmly, “I’m just returning the


She didn’t see any reason for her to endure the harassment. If she did, the situation would only
continue to deteriorate. The next time, it could be either coffee or a knife. Thus, it was best to nip this in
the bud.

With the sticky mess on her head and Diana’s freezing glare, Hannah was scared silly. Diana was
much too intimidating! Hannah could feel the pressure around her growing heavier as Diana stared her
down; she was so frightened, she could barely bring herself to react.

In the end, Hannah subconsciously turned submissive. She was about to nod and agree, when Kayla
suddenly pushed her forward and snapped fiercely, “Why are you just standing there? You need to fight
back if you’re bullied!”

In other words, Kayla was accusing Diana as the bully.

If Diana hadn’t reacted quickly enough, Hanna would have knocked her to the ground. Plus, the force
behind the push…

Diana could instantly tell that Kayla had used a lot of strength in that push. Obviously, Kayla’s show of
defense for Hannah was completely fake. Yet, she seemed determined to make Diana fall. She was
aiming at the baby in Diana’s belly, at that.

Diana stepped back, her heart tightening. She shot a wary look at Kayla, certain that the latter had
discovered she hadn’t actually gone through the abortion.

How did Kayla find out?

Was Julian aware of this?

Thinking about the man’s frosty eyes, panic gradually overwhelmed Diana.

Had Julian told Kayla?

No… It didn’t seem like it.

Looking at the situation, it seemed Kayla was the only one aware of Diana’s pregnancy. Otherwise,
Julian wouldn’t have reacted this way. That would mean Kayla hadn’t told Julian either.

But why? Why didn’t she say anything to him?

Perhaps Kayla knew that the baby was Julian’s. Perhaps she was afraid her relationship with Julian
would be strained once he found out.

Upon reaching this conclusion, Diana rose her guard against Kayla to the highest level possible.

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