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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 220

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 220

Diana couldn’t be bothered with Kayla’s nonsense. “Since Julian isn’t here, you needn’t bother trying to
talk kindly to me. Chief Winnington, if there’s nothing else, please stop coming near me and interrupting


Kayla refused to let up. “Then take my coffee. After all, your dress was soiled because I asked the
driver to drive faster. How could I leave if you don’t accept this coffee?”

So her soiled dress was a result of Kayla’s deliberate move?

Clearly, Julian had indulged Kayla to the point of no return.

Hannah might have a point. Perhaps he sent clothes over as a one–sided warning that she was
different from Kayla.

However, she was aware of that even without his reminder.

“Oh. One more thing.” Kayla remained standing right next to her. “There’s another reason for my
apology, and that’s for the breakfast that you painstakingly prepared for us this morning. Julian said
your cooking is so bad that he couldn’t bear for me to eat something so unappetizing, so he brought me
out for something


Since he wasn’t intending to eat the breakfast she prepared and looked down on her cooking skills,
why did he insist on her waking up in the wee hours of the morning to make breakfast?

Was the Fulcher household that tight on money?

Just like how she was forced to return that fifteen million dollars before, his actions were essentially to
make things difficult for her.

That thought made Diana tighten her grip over the computer mouse, though her expression remained


Just then, Hannah leaned over and said in a screeching voice that everyone in the office could hear,
“Miss Winnington made breakfast for you? Does she live with you guys?”

“Be quiet!” Panic flashed past Kayla’s eyes, but she quickly regained composure and said loudly in
feigned rebuke, “How could you talk so casually about Diana working as a nanny in the Fulcher
household! That’ll embarrass her!”

Hannah, being quick–witted and adept at boot–licking, playfully slapped herself. “Chief Winnington, hit
me! I spoke without thinking and I shouldn’t have said out loud that Miss Winnington was working as a
nanny at the Fulcher household. It’s all my fault!”

“It’s alright.” Kayla feigned a helpless look as she patted Hannah’s shoulders. “Just don’t talk about it in
the future. She’s my sister, after all.”

The two of them put on quite a show that immediately triggered a series of gossip in the office.

“Goodness, Diana’s working as a nanny in the Fulcher household…”

“Yeah, she’d rather work as a nanny than leave that place. Seems like she’s still dreaming about
reconciling with Mr. Fulcher. Poor Chief Winnington! She’s probably unwilling to chase Diana away on
account of her

being her sister.”

“She’s so shameless!”

“Exactly! That word is tailor–made for her. After all, that day at the steamboat restaurant, she even
went out alone with Mr. Fulcher right in front of Chief Winnington! She even deliberately soiled her own
clothes and hung around Mr. Fulcher when he sent Chief Winnington to work. But alas, Mr. Fulcher
paid her no attention

at all!”

“Precisely. Damn that nanny, wicked vixen! Shameless!”

Everyone became increasingly agitated the more they gossiped about Diana.

They even added additional details to the story. When they came back from lunch, Diana saw a coffee
stain on her chair. She only realized that she had been played when she sat on her chair and found it

They had gone to the extent of playing dirty tricks on her.

Typically speaking, she would persuade herself to just bear with it since she was new at work. As long
as she ignored these childish pranks, they would lose interest in her in time.

But now that she was pregnant, she had to remove these hidden threats.

What was more… She did not want her babies to think that their mother was weak and useless.

Still, she had clearly underestimated what Kayla was capable of doing.

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