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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 219

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 219

His face was dark with displeasure as he held the clothes in his hands.

“Give this to Winnington.” Julian passed the clothes to Noel and turned back into the car.

To Winnington…

Noel dared not delay carrying out Julian’s instructions, but he wasn’t sure whether the clothes were for
Kayla or Diana. But the look on Julian’s face prevented Noel from asking further.

He pondered about it throughout the whole journey, and finally decided to hand the clothes to Kayla.

Kayla was elated upon receiving the clothes and immediately changed into it. She was positively
glowing when she came out wearing the new outfit.

Her colleagues commented enviously, “Chief Winnington, how is it possible that Mr. Fulcher dotes on
you so much? Even sending new clothes to you in the middle of a work day!”

“Oh, don’t say that,” Kayla chuckled coyly. “His assistant said that it was along the way. He saw that
this outfit suited me and bought it for me.”

She pulled out her credit card and handed it to Hannah, who was always following behind her. “Sorry to
bother everyone during work. Buy some coffee for everyone and take it as my apology.”

“Thank you, Chief Winnington!” Hannah received the credit card gladly and deliberately raised her
voice as she said, “There’s no need for you to do this, really. We fully understand. Aside from the fact
that he finds this outfit suitable for you, Mr. Fulcher chose to send you clothes in the middle of the work
day also because of something else…”

Her tone changed as she turned to look at Diana’s dress in disdain. “He’s also warning someone else
not to have any wishful thinking. No matter how dirty her clothes are, he’ll never pay her any attention!”

“All right, that’s enough,” Kayla nudged Hannah gently. “Run along and get some coffee. Everyone’s

Hannah had a honeyed tongue and was adept at boot–licking. “Alright! Mr. Fulcher dotes on you, and
so do I! Since Mrs. Fulcher has tasked me to buy coffee, I must do so at record speed!”

Mrs. Fulcher…

Diana looked down as the corners of her lips twitched. She pretended not to hear anything and
continued focusing on her work.

Kayla didn’t think the same way, however.

Now that Julian doted on her so much, all the more she was sure of her identity as Mrs. Fulcher.

When Hannah came back with coffee, she deliberately offered Diana a cup and said provocatively,
“Here, Diana. For you.”

Who could tell if the coffee was poisoned or not? Diana was wary of Kayla’s little tricks and detested
even talking to the latter. “No, thanks.”

How dare she reject her?

Does she still think of herself as Julian’s rightful wife?

But the truth was, no one would acknowledge her as Mrs. Fulcher, would they?

Kayla couldn’t stand how prideful she looked and how she couldn’t be bothered to talk to anyone.

Her grip over the coffee cup tightened as she leaned forward, whispering at a volume that only both of
them could hear, “Are you worried that drinking this will harm the baby in your belly?”

Kayla didn’t believe for one second that Diana aborted her babies!

Diana’s chest tightened as her eyes turned sharp. “What nonsense are you spouting?”

Kayla smiled half–genuinely. “I was just joking! Why are you so anxious?”

Whether she was just joking or not, her words did not fail to make Diana panic.

She tried to recall if she had exposed herself when she was in the villa, but nothing came to mind.

Perhaps… For all Diana knew, Kayla was really trying to test her.

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