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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 218

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 218

“No need to walk me in, Julian.” Kayla was immensely pleased with Julian’s thoughtfulness. She even
felt like things had returned to before Diana entered their lives and messed everything up.

Back then, Julian was exactly like this; going to great lengths to dote on her.

He would even personally fetch her to her own appointments.

Kayla enjoyed such treatment and the envious stares of people around her. Julian’s face alone was
outstanding enough to attract attention from everywhere. Coupled with his car, power and status, Kayla
naturally received favor from everyone she came across.

“Chief Winnington.” Many people were already waiting for her the moment they saw her driving into the
building. “Mr. Fulcher sent you to work again. How envious!”

Kayla wrapped her arms around Julian’s and walked toward them. “Oh, come on! He doesn’t feel
reassured if I don’t let him send me to work. I’ll go to work myself in the future…”

“No way.” Julian rejected her suggestion immediately. “I’d rather fetch you to and from work myself.”

“It’s different being your own boss indeed, especially the boss of Fulcher Inc.,” someone lamented. “No,
not boss, but president.”

And Kayla was the doted–upon wife of the president. Kayla chuckled daintily upon hearing those
words, almost toppling into Julian’s embrace as if she was a soft doll. Julian pushed her gently. “Go on

He looked up at the building of Esteem Creations and said, “Tell me if anything goes wrong. I’ll settle it
for you.”

Cheers and whistles sounded around them the moment he said those words.

Just then, Diana got off the taxi she had arrived in.

The black stain streaks had dried up, making her look even worse than before.

Some colleagues looked at her in disdain.

None of them bothered to approach her and speak with her.

It was a glaring contrast between how coldly they treated Diana and how they fawned over Kayla.

Right when Kayla started heading upstairs, he suddenly pulled her and said, “Take care on the way up.‘

It was such a short walk…

And it was indoors, to boot.

“You’re so sweet to me, Julian.” Kayla looked down shyly, behaving just like a new couple madly in love
with each other. She bade him goodbye once more. “Goodbye, Julian.”

“See you when you clock out.”

Since he said he would fetch her to and from work, he would certainly do so.

Diana clenched her fists as she looked on at the scene before her, but she quickly released her grip.
She then

went into the lift behind Kayla, pretending as if nothing happened.

Julian finally left when the lift doors closed.

Diana was squeezed into a corner of the lift, feeling as if she were invisible.

Not that she wanted to greet her colleagues, anyway.

When the lift reached their floor, she was the first to walk out.

Her clothes were soiled and it wasn’t appropriate for her to wear that throughout the day. She had to
rush to the washroom to clean herself up as best as she could.

She didn’t expect to see Julian from the window of the washroom.

His car had driven out from the underground car park, and the position it stopped at was facing the

that Diana was at.

Was it a coincidence?

Diana’s heart began thumping uncontrollably. He seemed to be looking in her direction.

She must be mistaken.

There was no need for Julian to stand there and watch her. What’s more, how would he know that she
would go to the washroom?

Diana shook her head and pretended that she didn’t see anything. She bent her head forward and
rubbed the streaks on her dress with a pen.

Very soon, the streaks were covered up and her dress no longer looked soiled and dirty.

When she left the cubicle, Diana looked out of the window again.

There was no longer anyone there, as if the sight of Julian just now was nothing but an illusion.

She shook her head once more and tried to drive that cold and heartless man out of her mind before

out of the washroom.

At the same time, Julian was walking into a clothes shop like he was possessed.

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