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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 216

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 216

Finally, Kayla stood next to him and cajoled him in a low voice. That was when Julian finally put the
mop down and obediently left the living room with her.

But before he left, he took a deep look at Diana.

“You…” He stretched his hand out, his eyes turning redder and redder by the minute. “You…”

He repeated that many times before finally shaking his head. “I’m sorry, I got the wrong person.‘

Then he turned around and leaned against Kayla as they left the living room. “Kayla, you can’t do such
chores. My heart will ache for you. Don’t do them.”

Kayla continued cajoling him in her gentle, low voice. “Yes, I know you dote on me the most. I promise
you I won’t do them, okay?”

“Okay…” His voice dragged on, as if he were acting coquettish around her.

It was very different from his usual low voice.

Julian had gotten drunk before, but he had never been so off–guard before.

He treated Diana and Kayla very differently indeed.

Diana could still feel the warmth of his hand on the mop, but she knew that his warmth didn’t belong to

The one his heart ached for and the one he desired to dote on had always been Kayla Winnington.

But why?

A tinge of envy flashed past her eyes as she looked at their retreating figures.

Although Julian made the floor very wet, he managed to lighten Diana’s workload. She quickly kept the
cleaning equipment and returned to her room.

After an entire day’s work, she had a hot shower and fell right asleep before she could do anything

Julian, on the other hand, stayed awake the entire night.

He simply laid next to Kayla.

She had brought him to her room.

Right now, everyone in the villa was working for him, so he wasn’t afraid that Grandma would hear
about what happened just now.

But why did he feel so uncomfortable upon seeing Diana holding a mop when he reached home?

He was clearly the one who suggested having her do the tasks of a nanny, cleaning up the house to
cover the cost of her eating and living here.

But why did he act drunk and snatch the mop from her?


He didn’t even dare to admit that he was trying to help her.

Why didn’t he just stop her from cleaning up and make her return to her room?

Why did he go to such great lengths?

He couldn’t figure it out.

His head, which wasn’t aching that badly to begin with, began throbbing with severe pain.

In his bleary state, he sensed that Kayla kept trying to lean toward him.

“I need to puke.” He suddenly stood up, switched the lights on, downed a glass of iced water and went
back to the guest room he had been staying in.

Kayla wanted to follow behind Julian, but he didn’t give her a chance to.

She saw him rushing away at the speed of light as doubt flashed past her eyes. Julian Fulcher, are you
really drunk?

When he returned to his room, his eyes turned bright and crystal–clear.

That bit of alcohol couldn’t bother him.

What bothered him was how he had acted like a fool tonight. He couldn’t even figure out why he was
behaving the way he was.

The only conclusion he arrived at was that he had gone mad. Having mixed up Kayla and Diana for so
long, his mind was becoming abnormal. Perhaps it was why he was doing things that he himself
couldn’t understand.

He was in low spirits the next day due to the lack of sleep the entire night.

Although he looked sluggish because of the alcohol he had last night, his impressive aura and
appearance was sufficient to counter that, and he simply looked unusually sleepy and lazy.

Diana glanced at Julian, who was wearing home clothes, seemingly not intending to go to work.

She took off the apron she was wearing and set the breakfast she prepared on the table. “Enjoy.”

She meant that for Kayla as well.

Kayla was pleased to no end.

She didn’t expect Diana to truly take on the role of a nanny in the villa, and under Julian’s instructions,


Right after Julian sat down, he looked up at Diana, who was about to head out, and demanded, “Why
aren’t you joining us?”

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