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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 217

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 217

Busy people have poor memories indeed.

Wasn’t he the one who forbade the kitchen from giving her breakfast?

Now that she made breakfast herself, she wasn’t willing to eat at home, much less fight with him over it.
She would rather head out and get breakfast herself.

“Mr. Fulcher.” Diana looked at him and said solemnly, “I was serious about what I said at the steamboat
restaurant. I hope we don’t talk or get involved too much with each other unless absolutely necessary.”

So she could avoid situations such as sharing a meal at a table as much as possible.

“As for how we can prevent Grandma from realizing that something is wrong, I’ll leave that to you.”
Diana glanced at Kayla and said emphatically to her, “I really want the divorce.”

To the point that she couldn’t wait for it to happen.

She truly didn’t want to clean up the house, make breakfast for them, and always see them together.

Diana left in a huff.

Julian, on the other hand, looked even angrier than she was. He picked up a sandwich and asked Mr.
Carter, Is this the breakfast she made?”

It looked pretty good.

Mr. Carter nodded. “Yes, it is.”

Julian immediately slammed his spoon on the table. “It looks absolutely unappetizing!”

He glanced at Kayla and began standing up to leave the table and get changed. “I’ll bring you out for
breakfast before sending you to work.”

Kayla looked at the sandwich she just picked up, slightly taken aback by how picky Julian was. Truth
be told, she thought Diana’s sandwich tasted pretty good.

But since Julian suggested going out, she would do whatever he said.

Kayla immediately put down the sandwich in her hands and waited for Julian at the door.

When they left the villa, Diana was still outside.

She had been waiting for a ride.

Ever since she rejected the driver that Julian arranged for her, she realized that hailing a cab in this
area was quite difficult.

Because she was in a rush to get to work, she had to call for a cab while walking, but her efforts were
in vain.

Beep, beep! A black Rolls Royce drove toward her, and Diana recognized that it was Julian’s car. She
was shocked to see that he had finished breakfast so quickly, but upon seeing Kayla on the passenger
seat, she immediately realized that he was sending her to work.

She, as his official wife, had to hail a taxi instead.

Diana looked down and smiled self–derisively.

Julian saw the smile on her face and thought that she was laughing at him and Kayla. He instructed the
driver to wind the windows down and speed right past her.

The wheels hit a puddle from the drain and sent filthy mud and water spraying on Diana, leaving
streaks of

black stains on her outfit.

Was she naturally pitted against Julian?

Ire rose in her throat at the sight of the stains, but she would certainly be late for work if she headed
back for a change of clothes. By the time she looked back, the black Rolls Royce had disappeared into
the distance.

Diana’s face flushed red as she gritted her teeth in frustration.

She desperately wanted to call Julian and give him a dreadful scolding!

Just then, a taxi drove over from the opposite side. Were things finally looking up for her?

Her mood lifted immediately. She lifted her arm and told the driver her office address when the taxi

to a halt.

Along the way, however, her dress became increasingly stained.

There was only that single puddle along the entire road.

Yet, Julian’s driver had to speed right past that single puddle.

It was hard to say that Julian didn’t do it on purpose.

And yet, she had done everything that he wanted her to do. What else was he dissatisfied with?

Or was it that… As long as she was present in front of Julian, even if she didn’t get herself involved
with him and Kayla, or compare herself with Kayla, as long as she was breathing, it was a crime in his

“We’re here.” Julian opened the car door and got off with Kayla.

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