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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 215

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 215

However, the thought of Nina’s warning made Vans hesitate.

He couldn’t gauge how Julian would react to him protecting Diana and her babies. He even began
doubting whether he did the right thing or not back then.

But the thought of Diana having two babies instead of one in her belly, and the fact that they were
Julian’s children, affirmed his decision.

Even so… When should he tell Julian the truth?

Was he really going to hide it from Julian until Diana secretly gave


Vans held the glass in his hand, suddenly losing all interest in the alcohol.

Julian felt the same as he put his glass down. “I’m heading back.”

He had to send Kayla to work tomorrow morning.

Vans nodded, but right before Julian left, he called out, “Julian.”


“If you found out that you’re a father, what would you


“Impossible.” Julian insisted. “Kayla and I haven’t slept together.”

Vans was taken aback by Julian’s confession, but he immediately understood what Julian’s words
implied: Aside from Kayla, he would never allow another woman to have his child.

It was exactly as Diana had expressed to him.

If Vans were to tell Julian the truth about his two babies, perhaps… Diana might be in real danger and
she may not be able to keep her children.

Right now, the babies had a heartbeat. They were two lives.

Even without Nina, he was unable to disregard that fact as a medical professional.

“Do you have something to say?” Julian saw the strange look in Vans’s eyes and stopped in his tracks.

Vans snapped back to attention and shook his head profusely. “No, nothing.” He stood up and draped
his arm over Julian’s shoulder. “Let’s head back.”

The two of them went their separate ways.

When Julian reached the villa, Diana’s room was still dark..

But a shadow was moving around in the living room on the first floor, and the lights were still switched

By right, no one would be cleaning at such a late hour.

Julian walked in and saw that it was Diana who was cleaning the place.

Having just drained alcohol, his eyes were redder and his expression colder than usual. “What are you
doing here?”

Was she courting death?

She had worked so late in the office, and now she was mopping the floor at home.

Since when was mopping the floor any of her business?

“Or are you mopping the floor just to wait for me?”

Diana desperately wanted to fling the mop in his face.

He was clearly the one who arranged these, so why was he being crazy and acting all innocent?

“Stop doing this!” Julian saw her ignoring him and lurched forward, putting his face right in front of her
and closing the gap between them.

Diana looked right into his deep, dark eyes, her heart almost skipping a beat.

Yet, her mind was still clear as day.

She could sense the smell of alcohol lingering on his shirt. “You’re drunk.”

She turned around coldly, wanting to call for Mr. Carter, but before she could do it, she saw Kayla
coming down the stairs in her silk sleeping gown.

As it turned out, Kayla was still awake.

“There, she’s the one who’s waiting for you.” Diana pointed at Kayla and said to Julian, “She’s the one
you should be looking for.”

With that, she grabbed her mop from Julian’s hand. “Don’t make the same mistake again, and don’t
dote on the wrong person.”

Otherwise, the one whom he mistook for the other would only get more upset.

Julian didn’t seem to fully understand her words, but he gripped the mop stubbornly and insisted, “I’ll do

With that, he took the mop and mopped the entire house once through.

He even wet the entire place, as he was inexperienced with such chores.

Even Mr. Carter, who had come out to the living room, dared not say a word.

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