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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 214

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 214

She couldn’t wrap her mind around it, but he remained uncontactable while Mr. Carter kept urging her
for a response, telling her not to make things difficult for him.

Diana knew that even if she were to go back to her bedroom, she wouldn’t get any rest there.

She had no choice but to bear with her fatigue, roll up her sleeves, and begin cleaning up.

Meanwhile, at Amber Pour Bar.

Julian sat in a corner, but his discreet position was not enough to hide his domineering aura.

Many ladies who entered the bar couldn’t help but look at him, but the moment they looked into his
cold, dark eyes, they would immediately lower their heads and retreat without a word.

“You’re not in a very good mood today, huh?” Vans poured a glass of whisky for him.

That went without saying. Julian downed glass after glass, but his eyes remained sharp and crystal–
clear. ” Tell me, what exactly is going on in that mind of hers?”

Vans sat stunned. “Who?”

He paused for a moment and ventured a guess. “Diana?”

Julian nodded. “She thinks she’s grown a pair. I didn’t even know about her working at Esteem
Creations. She even told me this afternoon that it was better we don’t speak or meet with each other.
Who does she

think she is?”

Vans remained silent.

Julian had been sitting right there not talking for a long while.

But the moment he spoke, a barrage of words came gushing out from his mouth like a dam that broke.

“And you still refuse to admit that you like her?”

“I like her?” Julian scoffed. “You’re the only one who keeps trying to mislead me in that direction. But I
know clearly how things began between the both of us.”

She was a replacement to begin with.

How could he fall in love with a replacement?

“You know Kayla’s the woman I love.”

“Then why are you always paying attention to what Diana does?”

“She makes me pay her attention.” Julian gave Vans a sideward glance as if he were an idiot. “She’s
always playing hard to get. How can I disregard that?”

“Since when did she play hard to get?” Vans exclaimed.

“You don’t understand!” Julian put his glass down, his eyes turning dark. “Many, many times, she would
always talk about the divorce and then turn around to do something that makes me pay attention to her.
Isn’t that playing hard to get?”

After all that explanation, wasn’t it all because he cared about her?

Vans didn’t understand why a smart man like Julian just couldn’t figure things out when it involved

Perhaps… He really didn’t like her.

After all, they were still legally married. Julian might simply be feeling possessive about her.

Vans recalled the last time when Julian forced Diana into the operating theater, and he asked himself if

would bear to treat Nina in the same way.

His answer was no, no way. Not ever.

But Julian did it.

The truth was probably what Diana said; he had misunderstood things, and Julian didn’t love her at all.

If he loved her, he wouldn’t bear to hurt her in such a cruel manner.

Thus, Vans decided that he would no longer deliberately mislead Julian into thinking in that direction.
Instead, he asked Julian with genuine curiosity, “How’s things between you and Kayla? If the divorce
doesn’t go through, are the three of you just going to stay in the villa together?”

“I’m slowly clearing things up at Grandma’s side,” Julian explained. “I’m gradually removing the spies
she’s planted by my side. Even for some of the old–time servants in my villa, I’ve ruthlessly fired them

He did so to pave the way for the divorce to go through successfully.

“Okay.” Vans knew what Julian was capable of.

The moment Julian set his mind on something, no matter how many spies Grandma planted by his
side, he would have a way of clearing them all up without leaving any traces behind.

The only thing was that he needed time.


“It’s better to do things quickly.” Diana’s belly couldn’t wait any longer.

Putting himself in Nina’s shoes, Vans hoped that Diana would stay safe and healthy. He himself was
rather excited to see Julian’s babies.

The thought of the babies made Vans realize that he should come clean with Julian.

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