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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 213

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 213

He must be going mad.

That must be why he bought food and rushed here upon hearing from Kayla that Diana was still


See? She never needed him, no matter when it was.

Just as she said, it was more important for them to keep their distance.

By the time Diana returned to the villa, it was already past eleven at night. She was so fatigued after an
entire day’s work that all she wanted to do was to head up and have a hot shower.

She didn’t expect Mr. Carter to be waiting for her downstairs.

She was still on her guard against him, the expression on her face no longer as meek and friendly as
before. But to Mr. Carter, the cold look in her eyes right now was nothing but her revealing her true

“Miss Winnington,” he called.

Since Julian wasn’t around, he didn’t bother addressing her as madam.

Why did she not see through Mr. Carter’s true feelings toward her in the past? Diana looked down,
feeling even more distant toward this villa and everyone in it.

Despite living in it for three years, she did not gain any affection from anyone in it.

She was nothing but a passer–by, after all. “Yes, please speak.”

But she had to remain cordial on the surface.

Mr. Carter pointed at the villa which seemed rather quiet. “Miss Winnington, do you realize anything
different here?”


Diana looked around and said, “The food on the table isn’t cleared, the kitchen is rather messy, and the

…doesn’t seem very clean.”

If this happened in the past, Julian would never tolerate this.

“Are the servants at home not on duty today?”

“Not for the time being,” Mr. Carter smiled, but the smile did not reach his eyes. It looked fake and
exceedingly courteous.

A bad feeling crept up Diana’s heart. “And so?”

“Mr. Fulcher said that you are in–charge,” The smile on Mr. Carter’s face widened, as if he was gloating

her misfortunate. Diana couldn’t fathom when she ever offended this butler.

“Did Julian say that himself?”

“Yes, he said that since you two are getting a divorce soon and you are currently employed, there’s no
reason for you to stay here for nothing, especially since he’s been taking care of you for so long.”

It was impossible for Julian to have said so much.

But Mr. Carter was probably speaking the truth.

She did not expect him to be so cold–hearted.

“And so?” Diana looked down and bit her lip.

“I’ll hand some of the servants‘ chores to you.” Mr. Carter pointed to the dining table, kitchen and living
room. “In the future, you’ll be in–charge of cleaning up these areas. I suggest you don’t come home
from work so late. If you come back as late as you did today, it might already be midnight by the time
you finish up all the chores.”

Diana was stunned.

She had to do so much work?

And she couldn’t work overtime just because she had to do these chores?

Wouldn’t she end up just not doing anything well, and perhaps sabotaging her health along the way?

“I’m not taking this.” Diana started toward the guest room that Julian was staying in as she went on,
and talk to Julian right now.”

“I’ll go

“There’s no need for that, he’s out at the moment,” Mr. Carter said. “He’s not back yet. He told me all
that over the phone just now.”

Diana stopped dead in her tracks.

Instinctively, she knew that somehow, she had done something to provoke that devil.

Was he angry at her?

But how could that be?

The only time they spoke to each other was at the steamboat restaurant, but she thought she had
made herself clear. Her attitude wasn’t very aggressive and she did not do anything to let him and
Kayla down in

any way.

Even at the office, she did not complain even though Kayla and her colleagues were making things

for her.

Yet now…

Julian refused to let go of her, even though she was trying her best to accept everything that came her
way, even having her own husband appearing in public with her sister as husband and wife.

What exactly had she done to provoke him?

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