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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 211

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 211

She shouldn’t have come today.

She shouldn’t have gotten herself involved in their affairs.

If she wanted to remain calm and unperturbed, it would’ve been better for her to see them less.

More importantly, she should not be passively waiting for the date of their divorce. Instead, she should
be actively living with divorce as her goal.

Not just for the babies in her tummy.

But for herself.

Putting herself in an environment without their presence was the only way she could truly put the past

behind her.


Those sweet memories would always pierce her heart whenever she let her guard down.

Julian Fulcher…

He used to treat her like this, so thoughtful and caring.

She acted just like Kayla as well, unable to hold herself back and kissing his cheek in public.

Tears welled up in her eyes and her eyes turned hot and blurry.

Diana put her spoon down and covered her mouth exaggeratedly. “This wagyu is steaming hot!”

So hot that tears fell down her cheeks.

Julian looked at her silently and turned around to leave the restaurant without a word.

He had wanted to head out for a smoke, but when he was outside, the image of Diana crying filled his

That sight was seared in his brain.

It felt so hot that it disturbed him deeply.

He went to the washroom and looked at himself in the mirror. He pulled out a piece of tissue and slowly
wiped the part on his cheek that Kayla kissed.

He finally stopped when his skin started turning red.


Why was he doing this?

In the past, Diana would do the same too, and even leave her lipstick mark on his cheek. But back
then, he didn’t wipe his cheek like what he was doing now. He even went out drinking with Vans,
showing off proudly

to the latter.

If he felt disgusted, should he be disgusted by Diana, who was supposed to be the imitation?

His relationship with Diana was only possible because of her face that resembled Kayla so much.

Could it be that he had lived with Diana for so long that he could no longer distinguish between her and

But Kayla had returned.

Why was he still confused?

Julian turned the tap on and splashed his face with water. He rushed out of the washroom and pulled
Diana to the corridor, his eyes sharp as daggers. “In the future, don’t play hard to get in front of me. I
said that I would divorce you, and I will! No matter what tricks you have up your sleeves, this marriage
is over.”

Diana never expected that he would pull her out of the restaurant and say those words.

The tears welling up in her eyes vanished in an instant. She lifted her head and tried her best to
suppress the emotions roiling inside of her. “How am I playing hard to get?”

“Deliberately appearing in front of me with that man, deliberately tearing up when Kayla kissed me…
Diana Winnington, if that’s not playing hard to get, what is?”

She was messing with his head by playing hard to get!

He clearly…

Shouldn’t have been trying to wipe away Kayla’s kiss on his cheek…

But yet, he did it so diligently.

Diana was rendered speechless by what Julian said. “What else are you capable of aside from
misunderstanding me?”

Oh, wait. He was also capable of taking her as Kayla’s replacement.

And he was capable of doing so again and again, completely disregarding her thoughts and stabbing
her heart repeatedly!

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