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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 209

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 209

“To make things convenient for you sisters, I’ve arranged for you to be in the same team as Chief
Designer Winnington. You’ll work as a designer under her lead.”

Diana was stunned. Chief Designer Winnington…

They really held Julian in high regard, enough for him to help Kayla secure a chief designer position.

But this was Esteem Creations, a top–notch design company. Diana’s heart grew cold at the thought of
how even a company like this could be entered by pulling strings.

In the end, this was reality. She understood that money makes the world go round, and understood
what the name Julian Fulcher represented in Richburgh.

No one would dare to disregard him, and no one would stop him from protecting his woman.

Just like what he did for her in the past. Back then… She was the one everyone was fawning over.

Thankfully, she had the confidence to gain a foothold in the design industry despite having to start as a
newcomer. The day would come when she would no longer be trapped in Esteem Creations and
instead find a larger stage that would allow her to stay true to her passion for desire and focus on her

For the time being…

She had to put down her pride.

She had to prepare for the birth of her babies. Plus, this chance to work under Kayla came from the
hand of Fanny Smith.

Beggars can’t be choosers.

“Okay.” Diana nodded in acceptance.

The employment procedures were completely without a hitch, but getting along well with her colleagues
proved to be more tumultuous.

By the time Diana was done settling down at her desk, there was no one else left in the office.

All of them had gone to the restaurant opposite for lunch.

The only colleague remaining in the room who left late came by and knocked on her desk. “Chief…”

Before he could complete his address, he took a good look at Diana’s face and quickly corrected
himself. ” You’re Chief Winnington’s sister, Diana, right?”

Diana smiled. See? Although she did resemble Kayla very much, it wasn’t to the point of them being
indistinguishable from each other.

Julian was probably the only person who would mix the two of them up.

He had to make her Kayla’s replacement when she wasn’t around.


A term that pierced her heart at the mere thought of it.

Diana took a deep breath and suppressed her emotions once again. She looked up at the first
colleague who displayed a hint of goodwill. He was wearing black–rimmed glasses and looked slightly
nerdy. But because he was a designer, his outfit looked good, and it enhanced his overall appearance.

She nodded. “Yes, I’m Diana Winnington.”

Seemed like Kayla had announced their relationship as sisters to the whole world.

Jayden Miller shot her a friendly smile, seemingly unperturbed by how the other colleagues were
treating Diana. “Chief Winnington is giving us a treat, and Mr. Fulcher is footing the bill. Won’t you join
the gathering?”

He called it a gathering, but it was clearly an attempt to win over the colleagues‘ hearts.

Diana knew where the gathering was even without asking. “Are they having steamboat at the opposite

That restaurant was situated in the prime city center district and offered steamboat spreads that
ordinary people couldn’t afford. A meal there would cost thousands.

It was certainly something appropriate for Kayla and her high profile.

In the past, Julian would frequently request for the restaurant’s chef to go to his villa and cook wagyu.
Diana missed that taste, but… Should she go?

If she did, she would inevitably have to see Kayla and Julian standing next to each other.

But if she didn’t, she had to settle lunch by herself, when it was now the critical period for her to get the
lowdown on the company.

In other words, it was a must for her to join the lunch.

Diana pondered for a moment before packing her things and getting ready to head out. She took out
one of the cakes she didn’t manage to give out to her colleagues and passed it to Jayden. “Have one
as an appetizer before the meal.”

Jayden accepted it without qualms. “Thank you, thank you.“

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