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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 208

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 208

She was worried she had busted her cover and that Julian could tell that she was pregnant. “Hmm.”

She nodded and quickly added, “It’s all your fault for cultivating such a bad habit. You used to come
home from work late and bring supper back home. I’ve gotten used to it.”

Her words effectively shut Julian up.


It was a rare sight to see a man as cold as he was riled up by her words. His heart felt like it was
stabbed by something. “Go and rest.”

Seeing that he was no longer looking at her, Diana heaved a sigh of relief. “Okay.‘

But when she went upstairs, she belatedly realized that…she had accidentally brought up the past.

The feelings and affections she had suppressed in herself surfaced once again and almost drowned

Diana forced herself not to think about those memories. “They’re nothing but illusions. Julian treated
you so well because he saw you as a replacement. There’s nothing to yearn for at all.”

She warned herself again and again.

After snacking on some food, she felt better again.

Diana rubbed her belly, which gave her a sense of comfort. Her voice gentled as she crooned, “My little
angels, good night.”

She had a restful night.

She slept so well, she almost overslept when she woke

up the next morning.

It was her first day of work today. She didn’t want to report for work late and leave a bad impression.

That was especially since she ordered a small cake from a bakery on the first floor of the Esteem
Creations building, which she wanted to present as a gift to all her colleagues.

When she rushed all the way to Esteem Creations, she found out how narrow the path that she shared

her nemesis was.

Kayla…had joined the same company too.

At that moment, the office was already drowning with fresh flowers and cakes.

Diana stood outside the glass doors, looking in at everyone crowding around and fussing over Kayla.
The corners of her lips twitched.

She still had to report for work, and she still had to face whatever that was coming anyway.

Diana took a deep breath as she tried to pretend that she didn’t see Kayla. She walked along the side
of the room toward the manager’s office to go through employment procedures.

But Kayla walked toward her and exclaimed, “Diana!” An exaggerated smile was plastered on her face.
“You really came to work! I was so shocked when I saw your name on the manager’s list. What a

Today’s my first day at work too!”

With that, she casually looked at the cake in Diana’s hands and said, “Is this for our colleagues?”

Before Diana could respond, Kayla began gathering everyone around. “This is my sister, Diana
Winnington. Do take good care of her, okay?”

Since things have progressed to this point, Diana had no choice but to play along and distribute the
cake she bought. “Hello everyone, I am Diana. Pleased to meet everyone.”

But no one came to receive her cake.

“Is that the cake she bought from the café downstairs?”

“Yeah, the packaging and cake designs are the same.‘

“I don’t want any of that. What Kayla bought is way better! Those are cakes from Michelin–starred
bakeries in Richburgh. One of those cost as much as ten of what Diana bought from downstairs. I don’t
care for her cakes.”

“Me too!” Someone glared at Diana indignantly. “Kayla’s so poised and gracious, but Diana… So what
if she looks like Kayla? Her life’s nothing compared to Kayla’s. I heard that President Fulcher invested
in our company for Kayla’s sake. That’s what I call an outstanding husband!”

Julian Fulcher….

Did he really go to such great lengths just for Kayla?

They couldn’t even wait to call each other husband and wife.

She was truly redundant as Mrs. Fulcher solely in name…

Diana smiled self–derisively as she looked down and kept the cakes back into the box. She turned
around and silently went into the office.

When she opened the door, she saw Julian talking to the manager in the room.

The manager was nodding and bowing away as he said profusely, “Don’t worry! We’ll take good care of
Mrs. Fulcher, and we’ll let her have the position of chief designer as we promised.”

Julian didn’t correct his address of Kayla as Mrs. Fulcher and didn’t greet Diana either. Instead, he
simply walked past Diana without a word.


She was really a smelly piece of dung to him whenever Kayla was around.

Diana’s grip tightened over the cake box, forcing herself to be nonchalant about it. She squeezed out a
smile at the manager and said, “Hello, I’m Diana Winnington, here to report for work.”

“I know.” The manager’s mood clearly sank the moment Julian left. “You are Mrs. Fulcher’s sister. She
told me about it just now. She told me to look after you once you report for work.”

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