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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 207

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 207

Diana had no reason at all to reject this deal.

Firstly, Fanny offered her a job, one that allowed her to quickly earn a name for herself. Secondly,
Fanny’s regular monthly orders would serve to bolster her savings in preparation for her coming baby.


Probably really liked her design.

Diana was filled with pride at the thought of how Cherise talked about D&J.

She was in such a good mood that she hummed a little song all the way back to the villa.

Julian stood on the second floor, looking at her coldly as she walked in. “Come back earlier next time
and don’t stay out the whole day. Grandma will accuse me of not keeping you company if she were to
find out.”

Diana didn’t expect him to speak up, much less see him come back from work so early.

From the looks of where he was at… Had he been waiting for her?

Probably not.

Diana nodded in response before asking, “Where’s Kayla?”

“What’s the meaning of this?” Julian’s brows furrowed as he scolded her. “You can’t wait for her to
leave when she’s around, and even insult her with words. When she’s not around, you ask as if you
miss her terribly.”

Diana said, “I was just thinking that if she were around, you probably wouldn’t have so much to talk to
me about.”

Julian was stunned as he tried to digest what she was saying.

“I’m a replacement, aren’t I?” Diana shrugged, looking as if she did not care. “You treat me as her when
she’s not around and talk to me more. But when she’s around, I’m smellier than dung to you.”

As bad as her words sounded, Diana thought that it was close to the truth.

With that, she headed up and went into her room, leaving Julian standing along the corridor with his
face dark with displeasure.

Diana was getting bolder and bolder by the day.

She had become bold enough to speak to him without any restraint whatsoever!

Before Diana shut her door, he stuck his foot between the door and the frame and pinched his nose. “It
is quite smelly.”

What kind of wisecrack was that?

He was just fooling around with her the moment Kayla wasn’t around.

Where did his imposing aura this morning when he instructed the servants not to make breakfast for
her go


“Why am I so disgusted with you right now?” Diana gave him a hard shove and shut the door with a
loud bang.

She didn’t forget to yell right before the door shut, “You’re filthy!”

She then headed to the washroom to wash her hands.

As if they were literally filthy after touching him.

Julian heard the sound of running water, and his face darkened further.

That night, he slept in the guest room again.

Diana, on the other hand, didn’t eat much for dinner except for some seafood.

Julian looked at her a couple of times. “Why are you eating so little? You haven’t fully recovered.”

Diana glanced at him wordlessly.

She vowed never to be moved again by his concern that came and went with the wind.

Especially after she saw how he slept the night with Kayla and walked out of the room hand in hand
early in the morning. The thought of it was enough to wake her up from her stupor.

All the kindness and concern he was showing her when Kayla wasn’t around was because of her face
that resembled Kayla so much.

That was a fact that Diana constantly reminded herself of.

Julian lost interest at the sight of her remaining silent.

Both of them silently finished their meal.

At nine in the evening, Diana came to the kitchen in search of some fibrous snacks according to the
recipe book that Fanny gave her, and ended up bumping into Julian.

He was seated on the couch, and didn’t even lift his head up despite sensing that Diana was nearby.
When she got her food and began heading up to her room, he called her, “Hungry again?”

Diana stood stunned as anxiety crept up her heart.

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