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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 206

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 206

“As long as you control your figure well, it’s possible to prevent your stomach from growing too big.‘

“Will the fetus lack nutrition?”

“No, the fetus absorbs nutrients from the mother. If it lacks nutrients, there will be indicators in your
regular prenatal check–ups,” Cherise said. “Scientifically speaking, regular prenatal check–ups are the
most important.”

She looked at Diana with a strange look in her eyes, “Are you pregnant?”

Diana almost choked on the soup. “No, I’m not.”

Of course, she dared not admit it.

The fewer people who knew about her pregnancy, the better.

Cherise didn’t push her suspicions. “I had frequent but smaller meals in the day, and consumed more
protein and fibrous food. These are always good options for maintaining your figure.” She gently
bumped Fanny. “On this, you should really learn from our Fanny.”

Her figure management was absolutely savage.

“I’ll get Fanny to share with you a copy of a recipe book written by a nutritionist before you go,” Cherise
said. “She usually doesn’t eat take–out like this. More often than not, she eats dishes cooked according
to that book.”

Seeing Fanny remaining silent, Cherise poked her again. Daily New Chapter Upload Only on
ALNINIZ(dot)COM “Did you hear what I said? Give Diana a copy of that recipe book before she

leaves. You still have to depend on her for your dresses and gowns in the future.”

Fanny gave Diana a lazy sideway glance. “Got it.”

Not only was that a recipe book, but it was also an affirmation of Diana’s design skills.

She didn’t wait an entire morning in vain, after all. Diana said from the bottom of her heart, “Thank you.”

Next up, they delved into details of their cooperation. The whole thing felt abnormally smooth–sailing.

Fanny Smith was an undeniably rich woman.

Although it was nothing compared to Julian’s assets, she had more money than Diana expected,
coupled with her extensive network.

Diana thought that it was more appropriate to call what Fanny suggested a transaction instead of a


She would provide Diana with opportunities to join Esteem Creations, the largest design company in
the country, with an immediate promotion to senior designer despite being a newcomer. As for whether
Diana can continue being promoted, that would depend on her own ability.

“I’m just providing you with a springboard,” Fanny said in her usual lazy and haughty manner. She
didn’t even bother looking at Diana throughout the conversation, and was instead focusing on the
manicure she was having. “As for my requirements, you are to design a unique outfit for me once every
month. I’ll treat it as a private order and pay you accordingly.‘

Seems like Oliver said it right.

As a top–notch female celebrity, the negative news coverage of the starry dress didn’t affect her one

Diana felt completely relieved and a wave of pride washed over her. “Seems like you’re pretty satisfied
with the last dress I made you.”

“It was fine,” Fanny looked at her fingers leisurely. “Still not as good as D&J’s designs.”

Cherise chimed in just then. “Our Fanny did purchase designer items from D&J before.”

Everyone knew how high Fanny’s standards for her outfits were. Cherise lamented, “What a pity that
D&J retired from the industry.”

Diana didn’t have any impression of Fanny from the past. In fact, when she was doing designing work
in the past, she usually didn’t care who her end buyers were.

But things were different now.

Without the glory and honor she had accumulated for herself in the past, she had to start anew;
something she was more than determined to do.

“Don’t worry, I’ll do even better than D&J and become even more famous in the industry.”

Fanny, who had been expressionless thus far, was tickled by Diana’s words. “What shameless
bragging! But


She liked it.

It was good to see such drive in a woman.

She was willing to pull strings for Diana.

Still, the thought of Diana being the one Oliver fancied annoyed her somewhat.

He’s a brother, for life. Fanny clenched her fists and warned herself inwardly.

She should never have such improper desires.

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