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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 204

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 204

The kitchen may not have prepared her share, anyway.

She thought it better to head out for breakfast. She didn’t want to spend the entire day with them.

She hadn’t completely let go of Julian in her heart, and was unable to disregard him completely.

“I’m heading out for breakfast.” With that, Diana walked toward the door.

Just then, Mr. Carter called for her. “Madam, are you not having breakfast?”

“Yeah, I’m not.”

She remembered clearly the kitchen servants‘ attitude toward her. Why would she stick around and be
an eyesore?

Mr. Carter said regretfully, “Sigh, what a pity! The kitchen staff began preparing your breakfast at four in
the morning, and they put in all the effort just so you will eat well. The food’s still kept warm on the
stove. If


let their effort go to waste…”

Why did he sound just like Kayla in victimizing himself?

Just yesterday, she faced the wrath of the kitchen servants. Things had been so awkward.

Yet, in front of Julian, why did Mr. Carter make her sound like the bad guy for not eating breakfast when
he knew exactly what happened yesterday?

Memories of the past flooded her mind. Diana belatedly realized that perhaps this old butler had never
truly accepted her as Mrs. Fulcher…


After Julian heard what Mr. Carter said, he shot Diana a piercing glare. “The kitchen need not prepare

breakfast from now on!”

She wouldn’t eat it anyway even if they prepared it.

What was the point of tiring everyone out?

The thought of that glass of milk last night made Julian add harshly, “She’s used to taking other
people’s goodwill for ill intent, after all!”

He berated her so mercilessly in front of so many servants, embarrassing her to no end and causing
her to lose her dignity without any consideration for her plight.

The Julian Fulcher now was worlds apart from the Julian Fulcher of the past who used to dote on her
so much.

Her heart grew colder the more she interacted with Julian.

Diana sneered, “Thank you for your kind words, Mr. Fulcher.” Diana waved her hands as nonchalantly
as she could. “I’ll be off now.”

Despite her petite frame, she didn’t look weak and vulnerable at all as she strutted through the main.


But only she herself knew that her heart which had been pierced again and again was festering with
wounds, sending agony emanating throughout her entire body.

Julian didn’t chase after her and call her. He didn’t even do so angrily, yelling at her to go back for
breakfast in a questioning tone. There was none of that.

The time he spent with Kayla last night…effectively swallowed up all the memories she had with him.

What else did she expect?

Kayla was the love of his life, the woman he treasured dearly in his heart.

How could the three years she spent with him compare to all the past memories they share?

In fact, the three years she spent with Julian were good only because Julian treated her as Kayla.

If she had a choice, however, she would rather she never experienced those good days.

Yet, all that happened to her didn’t kill her and made her stronger instead.

After taking her breakfast and putting aside all these nasty thoughts, Diana reached Fanny Smith’s
residence and rang the doorbell.

The first word Fanny muttered through bleary eyes, looking like she stumbled to the door sleepily, was:


Diana was stunned. She didn’t bring any.


Fanny waited for a while and didn’t get a response. That was when she rubbed her eyes and opened
them to take a good look. A hint of haughtiness tinged her voice as she said lightly, “It’s you.”

Ever since Diana decided to forgo all the glory that came with D&J, she was prepared to start things all
over again.

Because she had been humbled, she didn’t mind the attitude with which Fanny treated her.

Diana said in a neutral tone, neither lowly nor overbearingly, “Yes, it’s me.”

With that, she stepped in and walked toward Fanny’s kitchen.

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