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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 202

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 202

Julian nodded as he looked at the door.

There was a dent on the door. Even if Diana hadn’t opened the door just now, he would really have
managed to blast the door open with two more kicks.

But in fact…

He could’ve just asked Mr. Carter for the key.

The thought didn’t come to mind earlier, as his mind was shrouded with anger. Since when did he
become so easily angered?

Was it because Diana had gone too far?

With that thought in mind, he looked at Kayla, whose eyes were downcast. He ordered Diana once
more, Drink up the milk that Kayla brought for you.”

As for how she mocked Kayla’s throat, he would be magnanimous and forget about it.

He knew that Diana would never apologize to Kayla.

If he were to mention it again, it would only make Kayla more concerned about her throat’s condition.
She would become even more upset.

He decided it was enough to just insist for Diana to drink up the milk.

Kayla might feel better upon seeing Diana accept her kind intentions.

Yet, Diana remained completely unappreciative of Kayla’s gesture. “I said, I’m not drinking it.”

With that, she made a move to close the door again.

However, Julian immediately stretched his hand out to stop the door from closing. His deep, dark eyes
were like piercing daggers. One look from him was enough to send chills down one’s spine.

He was clearly furious.

Diana subconsciously placed her hand over her tummy as her voice gentled, “I really don’t want to
drink it.”

At that instant, dat drops of tears fell down Kayla’s cheeks. “Julian… Diana says that my milk is
poisoned. But

I’m really doing this out of a good heart.” With that, she downed the glass of milk and turned it over to

show that she drank everything up without leaving a single drop behind. “Look, it’s completely fine.”

She sniffled and went on pitifully, “I was worried about Diana and her miscarriage, and I remembered
that she didn’t eat last night. So I wanted to bring her some milk to help her replenish nutrients, but… I
didn’t expect her to think this way of me…”

Diana thought that Kayla herself would know best why she thought of her that way, having self–directed
and acted in so many shows she put up herself.

Still, the throat poisoning incident eventually ended up inconclusive.

Julian didn’t make things difficult for Diana, so she knew that Julian was aware that Kayla wasn’t that

innocent after all.

Yet, he still chose to side with Kayla, who maligned her of poisoning and destroying her throat.

Just like what happened with the plagiarism of the starry dress, things ended up inconclusive too.

“I’m really tired,” Diana sighed. She needed as much rest as she could get and was tired of seeing
Kayla putting on an act.

All the more she was tired of carrying her baby while seeing his father acting all lovey–dovey with


She didn’t look well at all; in fact, she looked rather weak.

Julian glanced at her, and he felt stifled inside all over again.

He didn’t say anything to Diana, and instead carried Kayla in his arms and said in a low voice, “Kayla,
don’t bother being kind to the likes of such heartless people.”

His brows knit together as he warned, “Stay far away from her in the future.”

“But she’s my sister after all…” Kayla didn’t expect to be fortunate enough to be carried in Julian’s arms
tonight. She seized the chance to bury her face in his chest as she greedily inhaled his mesmerizing

At the same time, she got a good look at Diana’s belly before Diana closed the door.

Her sinister gaze made Diana shiver in fear.

For some reason, she had a feeling that Kayla didn’t really believe that she had a miscarriage, despite
claiming she had no doubts about Diana miscarrying.


That glass of milk tonight really was targeting her belly.

However, she didn’t know why Kayla dared to drink it all up.

Of course Kayla dared to do so; she wasn’t so dumb as to poison Diana right under Julian’s nose.

In truth, Kayla simply wanted to take a look at the size of her tummy and estimate how far along she
was in her pregnancy.

But tonight, Diana was wearing baggy pajamas which made it hard for Kayla to tell..

Was she still in the first trimester, or was the first trimester already over?


No matter how far along Diana was in her pregnancy, Diana would never escape the fate of having her
fetus. aborted as long as Kayla was determined enough to get rid of it.

“A penny for your thoughts?” Julian glanced at Kayla as he put her on his bed. “Still upset over Diana’s
attitude?” He patted her head kindly. “Your throat… I promised you that I’ll make sure it’s healed, and I’ll
keep my promise.”


“Have a good rest.” Julian turned around to leave.

“Julian…” Kayla called out to him. “Stay with me, won’t you?“

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