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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 200

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 200

Diana was planning for the future. Suddenly, making a name for herself became an urgent matter.

“Alright.” Nina was very supportive. After Diana got out of the car, Nina draped a coat over her
shoulders. Stay safe once you get home. Watch out for Kayla. If she dares to try anything on you, you
can move in with me, even if that means making Grandma upset. You have to make sure your safety
comes first.”


“I know.” Diana wrapped the coat around her tightly. “But she should’ve believed what Julian and I said.
She probably doesn’t know I’m still pregnant. If she tries anything funny, though, I’ll be sure to remain
vigilant. Don’t worry.”

“Okay!” Nina gave Diana a few more reminders before rubbing Diana’s stomach and driving away.

The lights in the villa were left on throughout the year. After walking through the front door, Diana
couldn’t be sure if Julian and Kayla had returned. She didn’t care either. She wanted to get to the
master bedroom through the smaller pathway.

However, she barely took a few steps forward when Mr. Carter suddenly called out to her. “Mrs.
Fulcher, Mr. Fulcher wants you to go to the dining room.”

Was Julian home?

Why would he be nice enough to wait for her to have dinner together?

Diana recalled how Julian looked at Kayla so guiltily back in the hospital. She didn’t think he would
suggest having dinner with her when he wanted to protect Kayla.

Since it was probably Kayla who called for her, there was no reason for her to go.

However, Diana didn’t expose Kayla’s intention. Instead, she silently acknowledged what Mr. Carter
said about Julian calling for her. “I already ate. Mr. Carter, please thank him on my behalf.”

‘How ignorant of her! She won’t even accept Mr. Fulcher’s invitation.‘

Mr. Carter sneered out loud. However, when Diana looked his way, he put on a respectful demeanor.
Alright, Mrs. Fulcher.”

Diana didn’t stay put. She continued walking up the stairs.


Mr. Carter returned to the dining room to pass on Diana’s message. He modified it a little. “Mr. Fulcher,
Mrs. Fulcher said she’s unwilling to eat with you, but she thanks you for your invitation.”

“Does she think I want to eat with her?” Julian frowned after hearing what Mr. Carter said. He was
fuming, and nobody dared to get close to him. “Kayla, don’t bother calling her for meals in the future.”

“That woman is heartless!‘ Julian thought disdainfully.

Kayla didn’t say anything. She neither agreed nor disagreed with him. Wen reaching for food, however,
she and Mr. Carter shared glances with each other. The two of them secretly chuckled.

By the end of the meal, Julian never once mentioned Diana. Instead, he went straight to the guest
room to


Meanwhile, Kayla went to Diana’s room with a glass of milk.

Knock, knock.

“Who’s there?” Diana had just finished taking a shower and was lying in bed. She was about to do
some research on prenatal education, and didn’t feel like getting up.

“Diana, it’s me. I got you a glass of milk. It’s good for you to drink some before bedtime,” Kayla said.

Diana doubted Kayla would be this kind–hearted.

“Forget it. I’m worried you poisoned the milk.” Diana couldn’t care less about being courteous. “Don’t
even bother coming in. Just go right back to your room.”

“That won’t do!‘ Kayla thought.

She wanted to take a closer look at Diana’s stomach!

After all, she couldn’t be sure how many months Diana was pregnant. It would make her plans difficult


“Diana.” Kayla intentionally knocked louder on the door. “Come on. Open the door.”

Diana knew Kayla was up to no good.

Diana insisted on not opening the door, and simply allowed Kayla to continue knocking.

Gradually, Kayla’s already cracked voice became even hoarser. Mr. Carter felt bad for her, and decided
to inform Julian about it. “Mr. Fulcher…”

Mr. Carter seemed troubled.

“What is it?” Julian looked at him.

Mr. Carter normally didn’t hesitate to speak his mind. “Does this have something to do with Diana
again?” Julian asked.

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