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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 199

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 199

How could this happen…?

According to this week’s pregnancy test results, the embryo in her stomach suddenly split into two.

This meant she was now bearing twins!

It also meant that her body size and the amount of food she needed would be much greater than the

pregnant woman.

It would be even more difficult to keep her pregnancy a secret from Julian.

At the same time…

Now that she found out she was pregnant with twins, she was suddenly overcome with fear of
becoming a


Two children…

She was a first–time mother. When the time came, she would have to leave Grandma. She wouldn’t
have any family members who could help her. Could she really look after her children?

What did she need to do to prepare for this sudden change?

Even after thinking for a long while, she still didn’t have the answers.

She only felt a little less scared when Nina found her. “Nina…”

Before becoming a mother, Diana was herself first.

She was still relatively young.

Nina had talked to Diana on the phone on her way here. The first thing she did when she saw Diana
was to hug her tightly. She then took the report from Diana and carefully read it. “Oh my god!”

Only then did Nina feel that everything was real. “Diana, you really are pregnant with twins!” She
pointed at the two small black circles on the ultrasound report.

“Twins! You’re so lucky!” Nina exclaimed happily.

After saying that, she quickly wiped Diana’s tears away. “I told you, didn’t I? I’ll always be by your side.
It doesn’t matter if you have one baby or two. As long as you give birth to them, we’ll find a way to raise
them. We’ll raise them better than other parents!”

Diana was touched by Nina’s words. She felt a sting in her eyes.

However, she did feel less afraid. In fact, she felt grateful and grounded.

“Okay. I have to work harder!” She could only financially support her children if she worked and earned
enough money.

Nina saw how motivated Diana was, and couldn’t resist chipping in. “I wonder if they’d be a boy and a

Diana chuckled. “I checked. If they’re from the same embryo, there’s a higher chance for them to be of
the same gender.”

Nina nodded. “In that case, they’d either be two princes or two princesses!” She shivered violently, too
excited. “Anyway, it doesn’t matter. You and Julian both have perfect looks. I’m sure you’ll have two

beautiful babies!”

“What if they’re genetically mutated?” Diana asked.

“After all, I’ve never heard of anyone in the Winnington family or the Fulcher family having twins. I’m the
only one. In fact, the embryo slowly split into two.”

Diana began to worry. “What if neither of them look good?”

Nina found Diana’s worrisome nature to be rather amusing. “Alright, that’s it. Stop thinking about
nonsense! Even if the babies are born with hair all over their bodies, you and I will still think that they’re
the most adorable babies in the world. Nobody else’s babies can compare to ours!”

Diana nodded. “You’re right. My babies will be the best!”

“Alright!” Nina pulled Diana onto her feet. “Having twins is a reason to celebrate. Let’s stop moping
around! Come on! I’ll treat you to a nice meal. Consider it your reward for being pregnant!”

“Although I’ve recently developed a liking for plain food and occasionally sour and spicy food, I do have
a much better appetite than when I first got pregnant,” Diana said. She had read some of the stories
from pregnant mothers on the internet. Most of them continue retching for a long time. In fact, some of
them couldn’t even eat or sleep. They needed to depend on liquid nutrition to get by.

Diana was quite worried before, but she was surprised to find that her retching had stopped rather
early.‘ Maybe…”

“It’s a good omen that the embryo split into two,” she murmured to herself.

After thinking things through, Diana no longer felt afraid. On the contrary, her mood changed for the

The two of them enjoyed a sumptuous meal together before Nina sent Diana home.

“I plan to have a chat with Fanny,” Diana said. “I’ll tell you more once I find out whether we can

or not.”

Anyway, it was a good opportunity.

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