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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 198

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 198

“She won’t,” Julian said confidently. “You and Diana look a lot alike. If I don’t mention anything, nobody
will know you’re Kayla.”

At the end of the day, he wanted Kayla to pretend she was Diana.

Didn’t that mean she had to become Diana’s substitute…?

Kayla felt her chest growing stuffy. She was feeling joyous a moment ago, but now, her heart sank.

“Alright.” She nodded, appearing to be very understanding. “In that case, please excuse me while I go
to the

restroom. You can wait for me outside.”

Julian sighed. “I’m sorry you have to put up with this. Give me a little more time. As long as Grandma
buys our story, I’ll definitely get a divorce with Diana. When the time comes, everybody in the office will
know who you are.”

“Okay!” Kayla nodded before gently hugging him. “Julian, don’t feel too pressured. I told you, I’m willing
to wait.” She smiled sweetly.

“But can you please wait for me by the car? I’ll feel shy if you wait outside the restroom,” she added.

Julian nodded. “Alright.”

When he looked up, Diana was already gone.

This time, he didn’t chase after her.

That’s because he knew Diana was right. Kayla was beside him. It didn’t matter what his intention was.
If he cared even a little about Diana, he would be neglecting Kayla in some way.

He needed to forget about how Diana was playing hard to get. He needed to warn himself not to fall for


The right thing for him to do was to spend time with Kayla.

After Kayla saw him leaving, the evil glint in her eyes resurfaced.

To be honest, she didn’t fully believe what Diana said.

That’s because she caught sight of the words ‘early pregnancy‘ on the ultrasound report.

If it was a post–abortion checkup, why would there be early pregnancy?

Besides, it was suspicious that Diana kept intentionally changing the topic and talking about her
instead. Kayla needed to get back into the ultrasound room and find out exactly what Diana’s physical
condition was.

With her previous discovery, Kayla felt quite certain that Vans was the one who deleted all of Diana’s
medical history.

Hence, this time, she wanted to see Diana’s report before Vans could cover it up with pressure or


This time, Kayla didn’t miss it.

The baby Diana and Julian claimed to have been aborted was clearly still in Diana’s stomach.

Julian only wanted an abortion because the baby didn’t belong to him.

In fact, he still rushed to the hospital to check on her recovery even after finding out she was pregnant
with another man’s child.

This wasn’t a good sign…

What if the child didn’t actually belong to someone else?

What Would Julian do?

Kayla looked at the results on the ultrasound report. She was feeling increasingly frantic.

She knew very well she couldn’t take the risk.

The most important thing she had to do now was to make sure Diana’s baby was dead, just as Julian

After taking a deep breath, Kayla gave the doctor a tip and repeatedly reminded him not to tell anyone
about what happened today. Only then did she go to the restroom.

In order to make it look real, she even washed her hands on purpose. After that, she went to find

Meanwhile, Diana was sitting on a hospital bench while she basked in the sun. However, she couldn’t
feel any warmth.

She looked at the ultrasound report, and finally understood why the doctor smiled and congratulated
her. However, she wasn’t at all joyous. In fact, she was crying uncontrollably from the shocking news.

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