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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 196

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 196

The doctor searched for a long time before finally pulling an ultrasound report out of the pile. “Found it!”

Kayla was relieved. She was about to accept it when Diana suddenly barged in and snatched it
immediately. “Doctor! This ultrasound report is mine!”


The doctor looked at the two sisters, who resembled each other greatly, in stunned silence. “You two…”

Diana knew she couldn’t blame the doctor for this. Kayla must have pretended to be her to collect the
report. “I can never let my guard down!” Diana pushed Kayla away, her expression fierce and icy. “Get
out!” she yelled, furious.

Diana held onto the report, refusing to let Kayla see it.

Kayla took a deep breath, and softened her tone. “Diana… I’m just worried about your condition.”

“Julian isn’t here, so you don’t have to…”

“Who says I’m not here?” They suddenly heard a man’s deep voice.

“So what if I weren’t here?” he added.

He was being protective of Kayla when he spoke. It also sounded like he was questioning Diana.

Diana refused to feel the subtle difference in his attitude. She couldn’t care less why he was here.

She held onto the ultrasound report even more tightly. Her heart felt like it was about to leap out of her
chest. She forced herself to look at the man before her. “It doesn’t matter! I just wanted to tell her that

she didn’t need to pretend to care about me when you’re not around. I don’t need it.”

As soon as Diana finished her sentence, she stomped out of the ultrasound room.

She prayed that Julian wouldn’t be suspicious and check the medical records.

She also prayed that Vans would find out what was happening here and quickly delete the medical

The moment Julian showed up, Diana’s back was already soaked in her own sweat in just a span of a


When she walked out of the room, Julian followed her.

It seemed he wasn’t suspicious of what happened during the abortion surgery.

Diana sighed in relief and slowed down.

“Julian…” Kayla sounded awfully hurt as she followed them out of the room. “I heard that Diana was
pregnant, that’s why I…I just wanted to ask her if it’s true. If it is, I could prepare some clothes for her
baby and play my part as the baby’s aunt.”

Kayla made it sound like she genuinely meant her words.

Diana rolled her eyes to the high heavens. She knew Kayla was here to find out if she was pregnant.
Anyway, she already knew what to say.

“Yes, I was pregnant.”

Diana turned around and took the opportunity to chuck the ultrasound report into her pocket. She
stared Kayla down and continued speaking. “Looks like Julian hasn’t told you anything, has he?”

Julian’s face instantly turned gloomy. “Diana Winnington!”

This was no time to be sowing discord!

Did this woman…really want to get a divorce with him?

Or was she playing hard to get like what Noel said?

“No matter how many times you call me by my full name, it’s still the truth.” Diana stood at the stairway
entrance while pointing at the floor where her abortion was carried out. She got emotional. “Didn’t you
drag me there for an abortion last time?”

Kayla’s eyes snapped wide open. She was overjoyed. “A–Abortion?”

Was Diana’s baby gone?

“That’s right. I came to check on my body after the surgery.” Diana looked at Kayla. “My baby’s long
gone. Julian personally dragged me into the operating room with his own hands. He was very cruel to
me. Are you happy now?”

“That’s enough!” Julian yelled. He was indeed very cruel to Diana the other day, but he didn’t feel good
about it either.

Even so, Diana had no right to vent her anger on Kayla. “Just say what you want to me.”

He interrupted Diana and demanded, “Show me the ultrasound report!”

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