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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 195

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 195

However, Fanny….

Diana recalled their unfriendly encounter the last time. She sensed that Fanny wasn’t an easy person
to get along with.

In contrast, Oliver made Fanny sound like a delicate, pretty, and opinionated woman.

Perhaps they didn’t get to spend too much time together the last time. Diana thought for a moment.
She didn’t agree to the offer right away, but she didn’t turn it down either. “I’ll be occupied for the next
few days. Once I’m free, I’ll contact Miss Smith to discuss the collaboration in detail.”

“Okay.” Oliver nodded. “Do you still have her phone number?”

“Yes,” Diana replied.

The two of them chatted while they ate. Soon, it was time to get back to work. “Do you need help with
anything?” Oliver checked the time. “It’ll be hard to step away once I get back to the clinic.”

Diana thought for a moment. “I don’t think so, but…” Diana chuckled. “Vans told me that you had a
great education and extensive practical experience. Also, you come from a well off family. So, why did
you… decide on working in the clinic?”

“That’s because… I can meet more people in the clinic.”

What kind of reason was that?

Diana didn’t quite understand. “But doesn’t that mean this job is also more tiring?”

With Oliver’s background, he didn’t have to come here.

“It is more tiring, but it’s worth it.” Oliver smiled. He looked at Diana in an even more gentle manner.
“The more people I meet, the higher the probability of something happening.”

He sounded so mysterious when he said this. Diana wanted to ask further, but he was already walking
away with his lunch tray. Suddenly, he changed the topic. “My family wanted to test if I could handle
working in

the clinic.”

This was completely different from what he said earlier.

Come to think of it, Oliver might have felt the need to protect his ego. He probably didn’t want to admit
that his family exerted pressure on him.

Diana chuckled and didn’t ask anything further. She turned around and walked in the other direction
toward the ultrasound room to wait for her results.

Meanwhile, Kayla stepped out from behind a marble pillar in the cafeteria and entered the ultrasound
room. just before Diana did.

The doctor had only just returned to work. Many of the ultrasound reports were piled up in a corner on
the table, and they weren’t sorted out yet.

Kayla walked over and pretended to be looking for her own ultrasound report. “Doctor, why can’t I find

She was already searching through the pile of reports while she spoke.

“You are… Winnington…” The doctor thought Kayla looked familiar, and came over to help her search
for it.” It’s a little messy. Please give me a second.”

Kayla smiled and stepped aside. “I’m not in a rush. My name’s Diana Winnington.”

At this moment, Kayla was grateful that her face looked a lot like Diana’s.

The doctor nodded. “That’s right. Your case was special. I remembered it right away, but I forgot your

after lunch.”

After saying that, she glanced at Kayla. “I’m sure your baby will be just as beautiful as you are.”


Was Diana really pregnant?

Julian kept tolerating Diana and delaying the divorce. Did he know Diana was pregnant?

Should Kayla let him know?

No, Julian needed to know!

She wanted to see how Julian would respond to this.

If his feelings for Diana…had already exceeded his feelings for her, then she would have to execute the
next phase of her plan. In any case, she couldn’t let Diana steal Julian away from her!

Kayla clenched her fists tightly, and tried not to let her anxiety show. “Did you find it?”

She had to get her hands on this ultrasound report first!

Otherwise, it would definitely be destroyed very soon.

James went through a lot of effort to find out Diana was pregnant, and that she was coming for a
checkup today. Kayla finally had clues to work on. However, she could never find written proof. As
such, she wanted to come here and collect the report before anything else.

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