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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 194

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 194

Julian drove even faster after the thought crossed his mind.

Meanwhile, Diana had just left the ultrasound room. She came a little late today, and the doctors were
just about to go on a break. Hence, she would have to wait until the afternoon shift for the results.

Nina was extremely eager. Although she didn’t come with Diana, she kept asking Diana how it went.

Diana was a little lost. “I have no idea. I’ll only get the results after lunch. However, the doctor kept
congratulating me. I guess it should be fine.”

Nina felt relieved. “That’s good, that’s good.”

“Do you want me to get Vans to probe around?” Nina asked.

“No, it’s fine. He’s already very busy. I’ll only need his help to destroy the evidence after the results are

Diana said.

Diana was keeping a close eye on the people around her, to make sure nobody she knew was there.

Just then…

She bumped into Oliver in the cafeteria.

He was probably there for lunch as well, and smiled when he saw Diana. After that, he ordered some
prawns and walked toward her with his lunch tray.

Diana didn’t contact him at all after delivering the outfit to Fanny the last time. She quickly hung up on
Nina before smiling and waving at Oliver. “Dr. Channing.”

Oliver sat down. “Are you a picky eater these days? Do you hate the smell of seafood?”

“I don’t hate it. I just can’t stand the smell of fish,” Diana said.

“That’s great.” Oliver put on a pair of gloves. He started peeling the prawns and placing them in Diana’s
bowl. “Eat more prawns if you don’t dislike them. They’re good for you.”

He was always so thoughtful.

Although he wasn’t the baby’s father, he was miles better than Julian, the child’s biological father. No,
even Vans was better than Julian.

At the very least…

Neither of them had the intention of killing her baby.

Yet, the baby’s biological father, Julian… He couldn’t accept the baby.

Diana recalled how Julian forcefully pushed her into the operating room. The memory left her awful and


Something felt stuck within her, and her heart sank a little. “After what happened in the stairway last
time, I was afraid Julian would cause you more trouble if he found out we were still in contact. That’s
why I haven’t reached out to you.” She knew this was too late, but she asked the question regardless.
“Are you… Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” Oliver waved his hand casually. “Vans fixed me up, so don’t worry.”

After saying that, Oliver switched on his phone and showed Diana a photo of Fanny. “She liked this
starry- sky dress a lot. If Fanny can be happy all the time, I don’t mind being hit by Julian a hundred

“You’re so good to your girlfriend.” Diana subconsciously looked at him with envy.

Oliver was stunned for a moment. A look of disappointment appeared briefly in his eyes. “Yeah. I’d
definitely treat my girlfriend well.”

Unfortunately, he didn’t have a girlfriend yet.

Diana found what he said a bit strange, but she didn’t probe further. “The post Kayla made about the
starry- sky dress went viral on the internet, and it wasn’t in a good way. I hope Fanny wasn’t too
affected by it, was she?”

“Not at all. Don’t worry about Fanny, she’s great at handling stress. Even if it’s negative media, she’d
still gain popularity from it. She’s good at looking at the bright side. Besides, she can always play well
even with a bad hand of cards. By the way, she told me that not only did the dress look good, but it also
raised a lot of discussions. She wants to work with you in the future.”

Work with her?

Diana’s mind was racing.

This was an excellent opportunity!

Fanny was a top–notch female celebrity. If Diana could design more outfits for Fanny, she’d be able to
rebuild her reputation in the design industry very soon.

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