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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 191

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 191

Diana told Nina not to worry. “I’m still in the early stages of pregnancy. Besides, I’ve been taking

progesterone tablets. Don’t worry. The baby will grow just fine. I’ll be alright going to the hospital on my


Nina was relieved to hear this. “Great! Don’t worry about the medical records. Vans will sort them out
for you.

“Okay. As long as Julian doesn’t find out I’m still pregnant, it’s all good,” Diana said.

With Vans around, Nina didn’t have to worry about what went on in the hospital. “When exactly are you
two getting a divorce? What if it still doesn’t happen when your pregnancy is visible?”

Would Diana have to go through the nightmare of getting an abortion a second time?

Diana was certain Julian was definitely capable of doing it.

“That won’t happen.” Diana wanted to talk about this problem too. “Although I have a

Cont appetite these

days, and I checked that I might start eating more over time as a pregnant woman size. I’m also quite
lean. I can buy more loose clothing, and I’ll urge Julian to get divorced and

small in

soon as possible.

That way, Diana would definitely be able to leave this place before her pregnancy became obvious.

The next day, Julian wasn’t around when Diana went out.

It seemed that whenever Kayla wasn’t around, he would have no reason to stay for breakfast.


Diana looked at the empty dining table. She then turned to face Mr. Carter. “Why isn’t there breakfast?”

Mr. Carter shook his head. “The master said he wasn’t eating. Since Miss Kayla isn’t around either,
there’s no need to prepare anything for breakfast.”

After saying that, he quickly called for someone to prepare some food for Diana.

“Prepare food for her? Everybody knows she won’t be Mrs. Fulcher for much longer.” The kitchen staff
snorted. “If Miss Kayla was here, I’d be more than willing to do it, but Mr. Carter… I don’t think there’s

reason to cook for this woman.”

Mr. Carter glanced at Diana awkwardly. He was about to yell at the kitchen staff, but Diana cut him off. ‘
Don’t bother, Mr. Carter. I’ll eat out.”

She’d be late for her checkup if she didn’t leave now.

Besides… She had long expected this attitude from maids and servants in the family.

Once Diana turned around to leave, Mr. Carter smirked while he watched her from behind. He then
waved at the kitchen staff. “You did well. Now, get back to work.”

Mr. Carter doubted Diana would be thick–skinned enough to stay here when clearly, nobody wanted


Strangely enough, things went smoothly today yet again.

As soon as Diana walked out, she managed to hail a taxi in the same neighborhood. However, the car
registration number seemed a little familiar. She couldn’t help but look at the driver several times. “Sir,

we met before?”

Diana was very cautious, especially after the incident with Luke Pabian.

The driver heard her, but he was in no hurry to answer her. He pulled his cap downward by a little. “Is


Clearly, he didn’t want to give her a straightforward answer.


The incident with Luke was still fresh in Diana’s mind. She didn’t dare to imagine what would’ve
happened if nobody had made it in time. Hence, she retrieved her phone in an attempt to call the
police. In fact, she even placed her hand on the door handle. She was prepared to jump out of the car if
that was absolutely necessary.

The driver immediately locked the car when he saw this happening. “M–Mrs. Fulcher… Please don’t be

He quickly removed his cap and turned to face Diana.

Diana was shocked by how he addressed her. She stopped calling the police for the time being. “Do
you know me?”

“Mrs. Fulcher, I’m one of the Fulcher family’s drivers…” The driver was a little troubled by the fact that
Diana now knew who he was. He stopped the car by the road and began to slowly explain. “You were
in my

car once.”

Diana remembered that. Back then, she found it almost unbelievable how easily she was able to hail a
taxi. Now that the truth was out, she felt a little warm on the inside. If anything, she felt amazed. She
didn’t think Julian would be so considerate toward her. “Are you saying that Julian sent you to drive me
around by pretending to be a taxi driver?”

No, that’s not right.

He wasn’t driving her around.

“To be more precise, does he want you to keep an eye on me?” Diana asked firmly.

The driver felt a little awkward. “Mr. Fulcher didn’t exactly say that. He just wanted to make sure you’re

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