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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 189

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 189

At the end of the day, Diana had to disappear from the world that belonged to the Fulcher family.

Would Grandma be able to forgive her after finding out the truth then?

Diana didn’t have the courage to ponder about the cruel future. She also didn’t want to think about
saying goodbye to Grandma. She only wished to spend more time with Grandma while she still could.

Grandma had gone through so much in her lifetime. She could immediately tell that Diana genuinely

about her.

As such, her heart truly went out to Diana. When she saw Kayla sitting with them for a meal, she
couldn’t take it anymore. “Julian, let’s talk in the study.”

Julian cut to the chase as soon as they entered the study. “Grandma, I know what you’re going to say.”

“You’ve always been a smart man, but why are you so foolish when it comes to women?” Grandma
sighed in a disappointed manner.

“Tell me. You’re a married man! How are you going to deal with Kayla? Do you plan to keep both of
them in the same house and enjoy the best of both worlds?”

This would give the family a terrible reputation!

“If your grandfather knew about this, he’d probably roll around in his grave!”

She refused to let something like this happen.

Fortunately, this wasn’t what Julian had in mind. “Grandma, what are you thinking?”

Julian had distinct facial features, and he was unusually handsome. “I know something ridiculous like
that wouldn’t be allowed to happen in our family. I also know you, Grandpa, and my parents take
marriage very seriously, but Kayla…” Julian trailed off.

He frowned. “But Kayla saved my life…”

Grandma knew her grandson very well. She merely wanted to test the waters. She didn’t think Julian
would have those inappropriate thoughts.

Now that she knew he had a clear mind, she could finally relax a little. “Do you have to give her the rest
of your life just because she saved you?”

“It’s not that…”

Julian had no idea how to explain to Grandma why Kayla showed up here so frequently.

He couldn’t kick Kayla out, either.

After all, Diana was the one who ought to leave.

“You’ve always been straightforward when you speak. Why are you so hesitant today?” Grandma could
sense something was wrong with Julian.

“Are you keeping something from me? Don’t tell me you still want to get a divorce!”

“No!” Julian’s heart leapt. He quickly stepped forward and gave her a shoulder massage. “Grandma, do
you really want to see things go south with me and Diana?”

“That’s not the case,” Grandma replied. Julian was using the right amount of strength when he
massaged her. She couldn’t help but close her eyes, enjoying it. “I just worry that Diana might not feel

comfortable with Kayla staying here. You should sort things out among the three of you as soon as

“I know.” Julian’s gaze turned dim. “Give me a little more time,” he said in his deep voice.

At this point, there wasn’t much Grandma could say.

After all, Julian was now at the helm of Fulcher Inc. Under his leadership, Fulcher Inc. had made new
breakthroughs and was now a rapidly growing business. Oftentimes, she had to admit he was good at
his job.

Thus, she felt it was necessary to trust in him.

It was the same thing when it came to Kayla and Diana. He was the one who understood the situation
the best. Grandma patted his hand and sighed. “My only hope is that you don’t lose your happiness.‘

Julian nodded. “I won’t.”

His happiness depended on Kayla. This time, he wouldn’t let her disappear for no reason, just like she
did three years ago.

He would give her a proper title.

Grandma didn’t know what he was thinking, and that it was completely different from what she
anticipated. Instead, she thought Julian was making a promise about his future with Diana. She
couldn’t help but feel elated at that. “There’s nothing I want more than a grandchild.”

Mr. Carter, who was outside the door, heard this clearly. He quietly snuck away.

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