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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 187

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 187

Diana, however, knew that Julian wouldn’t.

She wasn’t the one he loved. He could never be as fair as Grandma.

However, she didn’t refute Grandma’s words. Instead, she pretended to agree and said, “Yes. To be
honest, he’s been much nicer to me recently. It’s just that Kayla… Perhaps he hasn’t figured out the
best way to deal with this whole mess. I’m willing to give him a little more time.”

Grandma was elated to hear those words. She was convinced the two were getting along, and much
better at that. She began fantasizing about having grandchildren again. “That’s wonderful! I’ll try to talk
to Julian about having children. I hope you’ll get to experience motherhood soon.”

She sighed. “I feel like I’ve gotten more and more foolish after falling sick. That’s why I sent Julian the
fake pregnancy test result when I found out you were going to the Civil Affairs Bureau. I think… I might
not live much longer.”

Diana grew sorrowful. “Don’t say that. I’m sure you’ll live to be a hundred!”

Grandma chuckled. “I certainly hope so.”

Grandma and Diana chatted and laughed. It was a peaceful and heart–warming scene.

Kayla observed their intimacy, and felt even more certain that the old hag suggested her going abroad
back then for a reason!

Clearly, she had decided not to let Kayla become part of the Fulcher family.

Well, Kayla would find an opportunity to tell Julian about it!

She wanted Julian to know just how cunning and sly his grandmother was!

Kayla forced herself to keep smiling as she presented her creation in front of everyone. She then raised
her brows at Diana. “Where’s yours?”

Diana glanced at Kayla’s design. There were sufficient elements of creativity, but her foundations
weren’t solid. In fact, it looked like Kayla was trying to imitate her previous creations. While the outfit
looked superficially good, it lacked soul. Nobody’s eyes would light up when they saw it.

This was especially the case for someone like Julian, who was used to wearing hand–made designer
clothes. He would understand what made this the losing design.

Meanwhile, Diana’s creation was much more presentable. The moment it was brought out, people
would think it belonged to Julian. They would also be impressed by the designer’s abilities.

Even Julian, who was used to seeing hand–made designer clothes, couldn’t help but feel his eyes light

This outfit…

It really did look like it was made for him.

Everything from the color choices to the styles of design evidently showed that the outfit was different
from an ordinary one. At first glance, there wasn’t much that set it apart. People would simply think it
was unique.

However, if Julian was the one who wore it, the shirt would seem like a perfect fit. Both the outfit and
the person wearing it would look aesthetically pleasing.

It was similar to when Fanny wore the starry–sky dress.

Julian realized yet again that not only was Diana good at designing, but she was also very experienced
at it.

Besides, there was no way Kayla’s claim that Diana stole her design to create the starry–sky dress
could be true. The official judging for their designs hadn’t even officially begun, but it was already
evident that their capabilities were vastly different.

Grandma had known for a very long time that Diana was great at designing. Thus, she wasn’t too
surprised with the turnabout. She used professional terminology in a politically correct way to make it
sound like Diana’s design was the most amazing thing on earth.

Julian didn’t say much. “They’re both good. I think each of their designs has its own selling point.”

Kayla wasn’t particularly pleased with this evaluation, but she recalled Mr. Carter’s advice. Her
confidence soared once more. “Well, since you can’t tell which is better purely by looking at them, why
don’t you try them on?”

After saying that, Kayla retrieved the outfit and helped Julian to put it on.

It fit him well. In fact, it didn’t look much different from the ones sold by expensive brands.

Grandma was eager to see Kayla’s face once she lost. “Diana, let Julian try yours too.”

Diana nodded, and handed her creation to Julian.

Julian accepted it, and put it on.

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