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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 188

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 188

It looked great!

Upon donning on the shirt, Julian’s cool and composed vibe was accurately portrayed. It didn’t look as
neat as ordinary suits. Although Julian was aware the design would be decent, he was still momentarily

Kayla noticed his awed response. She instantly knew that Julian was far more impressed with Diana’s

Did that mean she would lose the contest?

But… This shouldn’t have happened!

Mr. Carter told her that she would definitely win.

Kayla couldn’t resist throwing glances at Mr. Carter. Unfortunately, Mr. Carter was busy tending to
Grandma and couldn’t be bothered to look her way. Helpless, Kayla could only sigh and look away.

Julian noticed Kayla’s actions, but took it all in without saying anything.

His affection toward Kayla diminished yet again.

What was she looking for?

Did she know about the pin?

Did Kayla ask Mr. Carter to put it there?

Did Kayla think Diana wouldn’t find it, and that Diana would embarrass herself when Julian tried the


These thoughts…

Julian could imagine what would’ve happened if Diana hadn’t removed the pin the other night.

“Kayla,” Julian called, his voice deep. He didn’t even notice how stern he sounded. “Are you sure Diana
had seen your starry-sky dress design?”

Kayla’s heart skipped a nervous beat. “Julian, do you doubt me?”

“No.” Julian didn’t want to embarrass Kayla. After all, she was still very young. It was normal for her to
have inappropriate thoughts at certain times. However, he needed to help her change that attitude.
Thus, he tried to make light of the situation. “I simply think that the issue of plagiarism requires more
evidence. We might’ve misunderstood Diana. There’s no harm in giving her the benefit of doubt.”

Julian’s facial features were distinct. He thought he was speaking in a very gentle manner, but in reality,
he still exuded a strong sense of oppression.

Kayla didn’t dare to refute him. She was also aware that being in a design contest with Diana meant
she would humiliate herself. Plus, Julian was clearly not on her side. The things Mr. Carter said before
would probably not come true.

Hence, Kayla immediately nodded. “Yes, you’re right, Julian. Diana’s design is excellent. I admit, I’ve
lost to her.”

She sounded helpless, acting as if she had always been forced to admit she wasn’t as good as Diana.

Even so, it was clear that Diana’s design was far more superior to hers.

Diana was in no mood to argue with Kayla. She also gave Grandma a look so that the old woman
wouldn’t say anything further. She would rather wait quietly for Julian to announce the results.

Indeed, Diana’s design was better.

Despite everything, he didn’t offer a conclusive decision regarding Kayla accusing Diana of plagiarism.
At the end of the day, Julian was still heavily biased toward Kayla.

Even so, these designs should’ve been enough to convince Julian the truth of the matter.

It no longer mattered if there was a verbal apology or not. Grandma was here, and Diana didn’t want to

a scene.

Grandma approved of Diana’s behavior. “I’m sure Julian knows how you feel. The more he
understands this, the more guilty he feels. That’ll eventually make him keep his distance from Kayla.
You really are perfect as my granddaughter-in-law.” She gave Diana a look of admiration.

Diana didn’t expect Grandma to think in such a way. In her heart, she knew Julian wouldn’t see things
that way. In fact, he might even feel that he had hurt Kayla’s ego.

However, Diana couldn’t say this out loud. She could only change the topic. “For your sake, I’d like to
stay in the Fulcher family forever.”

In truth, she didn’t mean her words at all.

Diana turned around and glanced at Julian, who wouldn’t stop looking at Kayla. She knew they could
never go back in time. Their divorce was inevitable.

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