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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 186

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Caspian still knew something about the Gibson family as Zenith told him before.

However, it seemed that going back to the main branch was only Zenith‘s wishful thinking.

Moreover, judging from Hann’s tone, the main branch of the Gibson family could not care less about
the return of their side branch.

They did not want them to come back at all, and the only thing that interested them was probably
Solana’s Imperial Jail Deity Physique.

The matter seemed to be paradoxical.

Solana kept her head lowered and did not answer everyone’s questions.

However, her fists were clenched tighter, and even her knuckles turned pale.

“Have you noticed that Hann is only an entry-level second-stage Pulse Control Realm?” Caspian
spoke, breaking the silence.

Everyone looked at each other and nodded.

”It’s because of this that I’m even more annoyed!” Omar slapped the table, “Everyone here is in the
second-stage Pulse Control Realm, and his realm isn’t higher than ours, so there’s nothing to be
arrogant of.

Besides, even if he’s a mid-level second-stage Pulse Control Realm, he’s unnecessarily our opponent!”

Omar‘s words are full of confidence.

In truth, the several people present, including him, believed so.

Caspian, Omar, Xander, Maya, and Solana all defeated disciples higher than their realm to get the

Winning against someone in the higher realm was the norm for them.

“Then, have you noticed that the four disciples around Hann are all in higher realms than him,” Caspian

Everyone was stunned.

Their attention just now was on Hann, and the other two men and two women did not speak once, so
they naturally did not pay too much attention.

“Hann’s not as simple as he seems,” Caspian continued, “The five of them should all be participating in
the nation’s official religion election, but they’re led by Hann, who’s in the lowest level.”

After saying that, Caspian looked at the crowd and asked, “Do you think that’s normal?”

Everyone gradually frowned.

Even though the nine of them were in different levels, they were all led by Ronald, Jaime, and
Sebastian, who were at the highest level, when they were out.

After all, they were the seniors.

Looking back, they found that the Blue Feather Sect was utterly different.

From the beginning to the end, Hann was the only one who spoke, and no one else made a sound.

When they left, the four also surrounded Harm, and it was evident that Harm was their center.

“Four high-level disciples, surrounding a low-level disciple…” Sebastian’s eyes flashed.

“What’s the reason for this?”

“There are only two reasons,” Caspian stretched out two fingers, “First, Hann has an extraordinary
background, and the four of them want to flatter him.”

“That’s impossible!” Maya shook her head and replied, “Those who can represent the sect must be the
best in the sect.

Although there may be situations where they want to make friends, it’s impossible to flatter others.

A cultivator with that kind of mentality won’t go very far.”

Everyone agreed.

Caspian bent one finger, leaving only one.

“So there’s only one possibility left.” Then, Caspian looked at the crowd and uttered slowly, “Hann’s
ability made those people willingly follow him from the bottom of their hearts.”

As soon as these words came out, everyone was shocked.

However, after thinking about it carefully, they found that it was indeed the only possibility.

The world of cultivators was said to be strictly hierarchical, but it was still realistically straightforward.

The tackiest term would be, the law of the jungle, only the might is right.

The family circumstances, background, and adventures could only be admired if they were converted
into one’s strength.

When they recalled the demeanor and actions of the two men and two women just now, everyone fell

It was apparent that they agreed with Caspian.

“Solana, it seems that your cousin has the right to be arrogant,” Caspian sighed.

Solana lowered her head, and her heart tightened when she heard that.

Inexplicably, Solana was on the verge of tears.

However, she suddenly felt Caspian tapping on her shoulder, and his cheerful tone came after.

“But I believe you can defeat him.”

For a moment, Solana felt as if something hit her chest, and the grievance just now was replaced by a
huge satisfaction and surprise.

That feeling of being encouraged and recognized gave her goosebumps on her arms.

“You… You have faith in me?” Solana raised her head and asked, looking at Caspian.

Solana, who was always quiet, actually spoke in front of a crowd.

It showed how much influence Caspian’s words just had on her.

“I’m waiting to see him get beaten to the ground by you, looking annoyed.” Caspian nodded, and there
was no hesitation in his words.

Solana was stunned, but her face gradually returned to normal.

Her originally dull eyes were once again full of life.

Nevertheless, although everyone stopped talking about the matter after that, the appearance of Hann
and others still had an impact on everyone.

The atmosphere of the dinner was not cold and cheerless, but it was not lively.

Everyone seemed to have something on their minds.

After their meal, the crowd went back to rest together.

When Caspian found out that Jessica arrived at the Spiritual Palace, he originally planned to continue
walking around in the Inner Circle as he might be able to bump into her by chance.

However, seeing that everyone was in low spirits, Caspian pondered for a while and let the idea go.

At that time, it was better not to affect everyone’s mood.

Once they returned, everyone went back to their room.

When Caspian went back, Handsome woke up from the state of being drunk on spirit.

Thus, Caspian just gave the takeaway meals he brought back to Handsome and Little Candy.

Even though Handsome complained about the food being the leftovers from Caspian and his friends,
the pig still stuck its head into the container, gobbling up the food messily.

After all, compared to raw food and roasted meat, the dishes in the restaurant were simply the best
delicacy it has ever eaten for Handsome.

After eating, Little Candy lay down at Caspian’s feet and rested.

Handsome still did not look up until it licked the inside of the lunchbox to the point where it was

Then, the Handsome let out a long sigh and stopped.

Later in the day, Terry called up the nine in the lobby.

When the crowd saw Terry’s gloomy face, all of them suddenly felt pressured.

Soon, Terry took a breath and said to everyone, “The competition format of the nation’s official religion
election has come out.

In the first round, the sects will compete in pairs, and three sects will be eliminated.

Then, the remaining three sects will enter the second round.

The sect that wins in the second round will become the next state religion.”

When he said that, everyone understood.

The first round was to draw lots to decide the opponent, and the losers would fail to enter the second

Ronald pondered for a moment, then raised his head and asked, “Elder Terry, the first round will be a
battle among the sects, so what about the second round?”

Terry had a strange look on his face.

“Instead of being curious about the second round, why don’t you ask who’s our opponent in the first

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