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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 185

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 185

The Fulcher family had many rules. Whenever Madam Fulcher came to visit, Julian would have to
come out and welcome her if he was home.

The thing the old woman enjoyed the most was seeing Julian and Diana next to each other.

Diana was gentle and had a big heart, while Julian was cold and overbearing. As a couple, there was
nothing to dislike about them. Hence, whenever the two of them were at home, they would have to
come out together.

There would be no exception this time.

Julian moved very quickly. After hearing the sound, he immediately stood in front of the door. However,
he suddenly didn’t know what to say.

Diana took the initiative to open the door. It was as if she knew he would come up to look for her. She
grabbed his arm, as if it was a very natural thing to do. “Let’s go.”

Dlana’s hair was tied into a bun, exposing her enticing long neck. She was no longer the young and
inexperienced girl she used to be three years ago. Instead, she resembled an untouchable, full–grown
swan. There was a gentleness in her eyes that made one feel irresistibly drawn to her.

After taking a few steps forward, Diana sensed his gaze. Feeling uncomfortable, she touched her neck.
“Is there something on my neck?”

“No.” The greatest difference between Diana and Kayla were their necks.

Although Kayla’s neck looked good, it was not as curvacious and slender as Diana’s.

Julian had no idea why he was getting more and more obsessed with their differences. “It looks good,”
he said calmly.

If he complimented Diana like this in the past, she would be overjoyed. In fact, she’d even give him a
gentle peck on the face. Julian would then look deeply into her eyes while he caressed her face….

But after finding out she was his stand–in wife, such behavior disgusted her to no end.

After all, she wasn’t the one he wanted to touch.

Diana’s gaze was as cold as the arctic. “Kayla’s downstairs, so be careful. She might overhear you
complimenting me.”

They hadn’t spoken to each other for over a day. Even during meals, they barely looked at each other.
Why did she have to make things so difficult?

Julian’s face turned gloomy. “Why must you be so harsh?”

Diana glared at him.

“You clearly know that Grandma would be keeping an eye on us, yet you didn’t sleep in the master
bedroom. You even allowed Kayla to live here. Have you thought about how the maids would look at
me? Have you wondered if Grandma would doubt you and I getting back together?”

Julian was stunned.

Diana chuckled. Of course, he hadn’t thought it through.

He was such a meticulous person, but he overlooked something so important.

There could be only one reason for this. “All you think about is Kayla, so stop insulting me with your
fake compliments.”

Fake compliments?

Did she find his words repulsive?

“You’re unbelievable!” Julian fumed. Just as he was about to blow up, however, she looked at him

“Let’s stop fighting,” Diana said. “Grandma’s already walked through the front door.”

Regardless of whether Grandma believed them or not, they needed to put on a show as a couple.

This was the only way they could get a divorce without Grandma realizing it. Only then would her
health be


Grandma wasn’t expecting to see them standing next to each other when she walked in. She suddenly
had mixed feelings. “Diana… Have you really forgiven him?”

Diana held Grandma’s hand in one hand and Julian’s in the other while she looked down in

I can’t help it. It doesn’t matter how big a mistake he makes. As long as he holds my hand, I just can’t
get angry at him…”

Although Julian knew Diana was lying, he still felt something stirring slightly within him.

In fact, he subconsciously reached for her hand.

When Grandma saw this, her smile widened.

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