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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 184

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 184

However, the touch she so desperately yearned for never transpired.

On the contrary, she could only feel his cold finger against her face. “There’s something next to your
mouth. I’ll remove it for you.”

Julian gently flicked his finger against her mouth. “It’s gone.”

Kayla distinctly remembered checking in the mirror multiple times to make sure her mouth was clean
while she was waiting behind the door. How could there be anything on her face?

Kayla’s tears instantly fell. “Julian… Do you not like me?”

Why did he always refuse to touch her?

“That’s not true.” Julian ruffled her hair. He then removed his coat and draped it around her tear–
soaked pajamas. “Didn’t I tell you? You’re too precious, so I can’t touch you so casually.”

Julian had spoken in a loud voice. However, he suddenly heard footsteps behind him.

He quickly turned around. “Who’s there?”

There was nobody in the corridor, but there was the sound of a door being closed from the direction of
Diana’s bedroom.

Did she come out?

Diana returned to bed and closed her eyes, but she couldn’t fall asleep no matter what.

Initially, she planned to give back Julian’s phone to him. Unexpectedly, she bumped into that scene.

She had long known how she and Kayla were different. Yet, when she heard how affectionately Julian
spoke to Kayla, and how he treated her with such gentleness… She couldn’t help but feel jealous.

In fact, Diana had experienced Julian’s heinous behavior on this bed on far too many occasions.

Back when they used to spend every night and at times every waking moment together… She
wondered, was that a good or a bad thing?

She couldn’t be certain.

For some reason, she could suddenly feel Julian’s breath right next to hers. She kept recalling the
nights they spent together, and how she would respond sweetly to his words. Yet now, everything felt
like poison to her. Gradually, she began to let it all go. She caressed her stomach and eventually fell

After waking up the next day, she went downstairs for a simple breakfast.

After she was done with breakfast, she didn’t linger. She also didn’t pay attention to which room Julian
came out from. Instead, she returned to her room straight away and continued making her outfit after
filling her stomach.

She was already a loser in romance. She couldn’t let herself fail in the designing work she was good at

Today was the final day. After putting the final touches on the outfit, Diana realized the day was over.

The entire time, apart from having meals downstairs, Diana didn’t once bump into Julian.

In fact, she didn’t even see him entering the room.

However, at an unknown point of time, someone came to take Julian’s phone away.

Not seeing each other was probably for the better. After all, Julian was getting suspicious. Earlier, Vans
called Diana to tell her that Julian asked him about her retching, and it made her heart skip a beat.

Things seemed to be going her way. With her and Julian rarely seeing each other, she would stand a
bigger chance of concealing her pregnancy.

All she needed to do was to wait for Grandma to come and be the judge.

Meanwhile, in the villa downstairs, Kayla also retrieved her creation. She had already seen Diana’s
work, so she was originally not very satisfied with her own design. However, Julian’s attitude was giving
her more and more confidence…

It didn’t matter what she made. Regardless of the result, she would still be number one in his heart.

When Mr. Carter saw her beaming, he approached her with a mysterious smile. “Miss, I’m sure you’ll
win today.”

Kayla raised her brows. “Oh?”

Mr. Carter had no clue that Diana had already discovered the pin. Seeing that no one was around, he
quickly moved closer to Kayla and whispered, “I ruined Diana’s outfit. You’ll see how much trouble
she’ll get herself into once Julian tries on your designs.”

Kayla looked approvingly at Mr. Carter. She handed him a gift card worth 1,500 dollars. “Mr. Carter,
you’re getting old. You should buy yourself some supplements.”

Mr. Carter didn’t refuse, and accepted the card with a smile. “Thank you, Mrs. Fulcher.”

Kayla was overjoyed with the way he addressed her. Just as she was about to speak, someone behind
her announced, “Madam Fulcher is here!”

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