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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 180

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 180

This was the second time Julian discovered the difference in the two sisters‘ appearance.

In the end, they still looked alike.

If they didn’t look alike, Diana wouldn’t have the opportunity to be in this room right now, and he
wouldn’t have brought her into the Fulcher family three years ago.

So why…

Oftentimes than not, he would feel like the two were becoming less and less similar.

Feeling inexplicably frustrated, Julian unbuttoned his shirt in front of Diana. “Shut up. I’m going to take
a shower.”

Hopefully, when he was done, Diana would be asleep.

It was already late. She shouldn’t be messing around with that shirt! Wouldn’t working on the clothing
this late affect her health? Must she insist on harming her body so that she could blame him for it,
saying that it was the aftermath of the abortion he forced on her?

Julian shot her a condescending look, as if she had done something unforgivable. Thankfully, he said
nothing else and went straight into the bathroom.

However, Diana stared at the glass door for a long time without returning to her senses.

It was true they were married and used to be intimate and sweet with each other, but with the imminent
divorce, wasn’t it wrong for Julian to take off his clothes in front of Diana that way?

Especially since he had a toned, muscled body that was difficult to forget or ignore, even if she closed
her eyes. She was the only one who knew Julian’s body best and how wonderful it felt, after all.

Annoyance flashed across her face, and Diana shook her head to get rid of such thoughts. Ensuring
that her pajamas were properly on her, she lowered her head to gently caress her stomach before
looking toward the


She really did want to sleep, but she had to deal with all the pins and check to see if there was any
damage to the fabric. It was a tedious task, and she wasn’t keen on staying up to do it; unfortunately for
her, there was

no choice.

The good thing was that she had eaten less over the past two days and slept more. She had also
replenished more energy with her hearty meal for dinner, so she didn’t feel tired at this moment. In fact,
she was feeling

a little restless.

As such, it was convenient for her to deal with this troublesome matter.

The only problem was that there was no lamp near the couch. If she went over there to deal with the
shirt, she would have to turn on the main light. She was certain Julian would kick up an even bigger
fuss over that.

Well, it didn’t matter. Diana thought it over and decided she would still do it on the bed. If Julian wanted
to complain more, she would cross the bridge when it came to it.

A short while later, Julian exited the bathroom, smelling like she did. They had used the same body
wash, one with a pine scent that smelled delightful and fresh.

It was Diana who looked up first, and she glanced at him without much thought. The hair on her
forehead had fallen, and the two stubborn stands that always refused to cooperate easily covered her
left cheek, adding a touch of softness to her face. Under the soft glow of the light, she looked like a
small flower on the mountains swaying in the wind; a captivating scene that made one unable to avert
their eyes.

There was also a hint of panic in her eyes.

She was afraid of the man’s domineering nature; and if she didn’t listen to his words, he would grab the
shirt in her hands and throw it out. However, this shirt was a product of her tears and blood, so she
couldn’t allow Julian to do that.

She was in full defensive mode as Julian stepped out of the bathroom, ready to lash out if necessary as
she looked at Julian with a hostile expression.

The man who had just exited the bathroom sensed her emotions, and a bewildered look flashed across
his face. The unusual expression only served to make his icy–cold features even more alluring, and he
suddenly seemed to see through her thoughts without needing to probe further.

“Go ahead and do your thing. I won’t throw it out,” Julian said, chuckling.

To put it bluntly, she had designed and made that shirt for him.

Of course he wouldn’t throw it out.

After saying that, he toweled his hair and picked up a hairdryer before moving toward Diana. To her
surprise, he said, “We’ll sleep in the bed together tonight.‘

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