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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 178

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 178

After saying that, Diana opened the door to reveal her flushed face from the shower. Julian involuntarily
swallowed when he took in her appearance.

D*mn it!

“Diana!” Julian yelled, looking a little annoyed. “Seriously? Don’t you know how to repent for your
mistakes? Did you even hear what I said?”

Why was Julian getting so worked up?

He was acting so strangely.

Diana was also in a bad mood because of him. Knowing that nothing could make things worse, she
walked toward the cupboard in hopes of finding something else to wear.

There were no words spoken during this time.

Then Julian suddenly grabbed her and said, “Must you do your best to seduce me?”

What? Seduce him?

Diana glanced down at the bulge in his pants and instantly understood. She blushed brightly and
muttered in annoyance, “…There’s something wrong with your head, isn’t there?”

She had taken this nightgown into the bathroom, so what was she to do? Did he expect her not to wear
anything? He was the one who said they needed to keep the act up and refused to leave the room, so
it wasn’t like she didn’t try.

The only option she had left was to come out and find other clothes to change into.

But Julian was blocking her way.

“I won’t fall for your tricks!” Julian exclaimed, seemingly furious. “Your tricks won’t work on me!”

He stomped over to the cupboard, pulled out the shirt she had made for him, and threw it at her. “Put it
on, now! What’s the point of standing before me dressed like that?!”

Although his attitude was unpleasant, it gave Diana what she wanted. So, she shoved her anger aside
and moved to put on the shirt.



“What is it now?” Julian said, his brows furrowing deeply. When he saw her staring blankly at the shirt
and refusing to put it on, he cursed inwardly in anger. “Haven’t you done enough with your scheming
ways? Must you always do things with your mind in the gutter?”

“What are you talking about? Who’s the one with their mind in the gutter, huh?” Diana shot Julian a look
of contempt. “Aren’t you just a disappointment to Kayla?”

Julian went on and on about how he loved Kayla, but he didn’t seem to keep himself chaste for her.

Was the man she loved such a scumbag?

“Do you get turned on by anyone as long as it’s a woman?”

“No. It can only be you!” Julian blurted out.

Diana looked like Kayla, and was the best substitute he could get before he and Kayla got married.
Once he married Kayla, Julian was certain he wouldn’t feel this way toward Diana any longer.

“What a mess…” Diana’s heart was inevitably thrown for the loop when she heard him, but she quickly
forced herself to disregard the man’s seemingly sweet words. It would only serve to hurt her later, after

“Come here and look at this shirt!” she exclaimed instead.

The two put their heads together under the light, and a touch of seriousness set over Julian’s
handsome features. He had an overreaction just moments ago, but he was now reserved and calm,
like nothing had happened.

Diana couldn’t help but sigh. God was unjust indeed.

It seemed some people would be blessed and never be associated with embarrassment all their lives.
Julian was as noble as gods sometimes, because he was in complete control of his body and action
and had the confidence to dominate the world. It was as if he was a man who held the helm of the

At this moment, the helmsman looked at the large pinheads glittering under the bright light. He could
hardly imagine the consequences if Diana had slipped the shirt on just now.

His cold eyes turned hard, and he demanded with a steely tone, “Who did this?”

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