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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 179

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 179

Only four people entered this room today; Diana, Kayla, Julian, and Mr. Carter. Only two people could
have done this, but Diana was unsure if it was Kayla or Mr. Carter.

Regardless of who it was, Diana couldn’t point it out because Julian wouldn’t believe her. So, she didn’t
want to give herself trouble. The only thing she wanted to do now was clear the pins from the shirt.

However, it was a challenging job.

“It’s good the pins didn’t hurt you,” Julian suddenly said.

Because of the two suspects‘ special status, it seemed Julian didn’t intend to pursue this matter. Diana
was glad she had followed her instinct and said nothing, which saved herself, and simply replied,

Diana nodded, and Julian noted the heartache in her eyes when she looked at the shirt. Though the
look on her face was as calm and pleasant as she was in the past, Julian knew they would never be
able to return to the way things used to be.

During this period, he gradually realized that the more he saw of Diana, the less he understood her. He
even felt that he had never understood her before this, which was why she could hook up with Oliver
under his nose. It also explained why he only knew now that Diana had such great design talent.

He suddenly felt a little lost, and said calmly, “You should sleep. You can continue tomorrow.”

But the day after tomorrow would be the deadline, and she had some finishing touches to add. She had
already planned out her workload, so if she didn’t clear out the pins tonight, she wouldn’t be able to

the ideal design in her mind.

A flawed finished product was not acceptable, and she wouldn’t tolerate it.

Without looking up, Diana turned off the main lights and switched on the bedside lamp.

“You go ahead and sleep,” Diana said. She was going to deal with this big headache before she could

Julian said nothing but silently opened the cupboard, took out a dress, and threw it at her. “Put this on
and stop being such an eyesore.”

After saying that, he closed all the open windows in the room to ensure that the night breeze wouldn’t
come and give them a cold. Diana had already donned the cotton pajamas when he looked at her
again, but he still felt somewhat uncomfortable.

“How can I sleep with the light on?” Julian asked, shooting her a glare, discontent clear in his voice.

“Aren’t you sleeping on the couch?”

Diana had turned on the bedside lamp because Julian was sleeping on the couch, and it would least

bother him based on the distance between them.

“Do you expect me to sleep on the couch every night?” Julian said, giving the furniture a pointed stare.
“It’s dirty since we ate there today. I’ll get someone to change them tomorrow.”

“…But I ate there yesterday too?” Diana said, confused.

Didn’t he sleep there last night without a word of complaint? What was the difference today?

Seriously, what exactly went on in the man’s mind? It was completely unpredictable!

Julian was staring at Diana. Why didn’t he realize before that she had a mouth that was so good at
refuting others? Her lips were red and moist, and it felt like it was calling out to him to bite down on it to
see if she dared continue talking back to him this way.

However, he didn’t do that and said, “It’s because you keep eating there. It feels dirty and I can’t stand
it anymore.”

Diana huffed. He was speaking as though he hadn’t eaten there.

“Anyway, when I get out of the shower, I don’t want to see you messing with that crap.”

Diana’s face turned grim. “This is not crap. It’s my blood and tears, from designing it to making the
finished product. It took my days of rushed work to produce it. It was difficult enough for me to…”

Julian didn’t hear the words after that. He was momentarily stunned, because it was rare for Diana to
speak to him so seriously. He couldn’t help but stare at her expression; when the light hit her face, it
softened her features. The difference in her and Kayla’s face in his memory was now even more

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