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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 177

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 177

It wasn’t long before Julian came into the bedroom. When he didn’t see Diana and heard the sound of
running water from the bathroom, he turned back to the cupboard where the shirt Diana had made was


Although it wasn’t finished, he could clearly see how well the shirt matched his appearance.

Julian had worn many custom–made shirts, but none had given him such a strong sense of
amazement as this one did. From the smallest detail of the cuffs to the color and even the stitches that
were too dense to be seen, the tailoring of the shirt was unique. It was hard to deny that he was
impressed with Diana’s design and practical talent.

Even after three years of marriage, he had no idea that Diana had such great design talent. He was
even looking forward to how he would look in this shirt.

However… No matter how good it looked, it was just a shirt.

For him to have such a strong expectation and interest in a piece of clothing was simply…

Just then, the bathroom door opened, and he turned around to look. Before he could see anything, the
door slammed shut!

Diana’s heart raced in her chest.

What was Julian doing here?!

She turned and looked at herself in the mirror. Her face was flushed, and her hair was still wet. Water
was dripping from her hair down to her collarbone, and her nightgown was already slightly damp from


What’s worse, her pajamas were white. It was also thin to the point of transparency. Julian had been
abroad on a business trip and had picked out this nightgown especially for her. When she had worn it, it
seemed to

have awakened the beast in him…

Diana had a lot to say about what had happened back then, but that wasn’t the point. She hadn’t
realized that she had taken this particular nightgown.

But… Hadn’t all her old things been thrown away? How did this nightgown end up in her cupboard?

Either way, it was too late to think about it. Diana’s face turned redder as she studied her reflection.
Even worse than wearing this nightgown was that she hadn’t brought any underwear to change into,
because she hadn’t expected Julian to be sleeping here tonight!

Oh lord, she was done for.

Diana looked again at the nightgown she was wearing, which seemed transparent enough that she
looked like she wasn’t wearing anything. She was sorely tempted to ram her head against the wall!

Julian sensed that something was wrong, so he approached the bathroom door and asked, “Are you
throwing up again?”

Diana froze, grasped the lifeline he had given her, and stammered, “W–Well, I do feel some discomfort,
and I’m stinking up the room again. Perhaps it’s best if you keep Kayla company tonight.”

What she meant was, please don’t sleep here tonight.

Julian didn’t hear the implication. “Neither of us will be leaving this room.”

After saying that, he added, “The divorce is something I have to accomplish this time, so you better not
try anything that will make Grandma suspect that something’s wrong between us and do something to
stop it.”

Diana was speechless. She had to admit that Julian was really confident… Confidently wrong, that is!
At this point, he was still thinking that she would pester him and delay the divorce by all means.

When it came to the divorce, she clearly wanted it more than even he did.

However, it would be a waste of breath to repeat this to him. “Don’t worry. You have your reasons to
divorce, and so do I.”

He was doing it for Kayla.

Does that mean Diana was doing it for Oliver?

When he thought about Oliver and the child, he would also inevitably think about Diana’s infidelity. He
had a cleanliness problem and would throw away even a cup after someone else had touched it. Yet he
still managed to share a room with Diana, despite her betrayal….

Before he could figure out this matter, he heard Diana say, “If you don’t want to leave, fine. It’s not like
we never slept in the same room.”

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