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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 176

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 176

“Mr. Carter, please hand me the shirt. I still have some finishing touches to add,” Diana said. “Luckily, it
didn’t get dirty.”

Even though it was just a small matter, she still didn’t want to lose to Kayla.

Mr. Carter was about to hand it to her when Julian suddenly pulled on her collar. “We’ll talk about the
shirt later. Let’s go down and eat dinner for now.”

What? Dinner?

“I’m not hungry! Didn’t I already eat?”

“You threw up everything, and your stomach is probably empty,” Julian said in a disgruntled manner. “I’ll
have the chef make some noodles with spicy and sour soup. You’ll…‘

“Alright, fine! I’ll eat!”

If that was what he was going to feed her, she definitely wanted to eat!

The thought of the mentioned food floated in her mind, and she could almost taste it on her tongue.
She really wanted a few bites now!

When Kayla saw this, she immediately came over and stood in between Julian and Diana to separate
them.” Does she like eating sour stuff so much?”

“Yes,” Julian said as he released Diana. The three of them went downstairs. “Her tastes have changed
a lot


The miscarriage hurt her mentally and physically, so she retained all the strange pregnancy cravings

after losing her baby.

That was what Julian assumed, at least.

The more he thought about it, the guiltier he felt. If the baby Diana had wasn’t Oliver’s, perhaps he

No, that was impossible.

It simply wouldn’t be possible.

Julian glanced at Kayla, who was walking in front of him. His eyes softened and he said gently, “I’ve
asked the chef to prepare some nutritious soup for you. You should drink it before you sleep. It’ll be
good for your


“Thank you, Julian,” Kayla said as she raised her head triumphantly in Diana’s direction.

Hah! Her nutritious soup was much better than some noodles!

It seemed that listening to Lucy’s advice on returning to this villa on her own initiative really paid off!
Julian still treated her well.

As for Diana…

Kayla peeked at Diana’s stomach without much thought, and prayed again for Diana not to be pregnant
with Julian’s baby.

The relationship between the three of them had already been awkward from the start, but they were
having meals together and even living in the same place. It was completely bizarre!

They clearly realized this, so none of them spoke at the table. All of them ate their food, different
thoughts racing in their mind, while Mr. Carter continued cleaning Diana’s room.

There was only a little bit left to clean, and the reason Mr. Carter was slow was because his attention
was on the shirt. Diana had made the shirt, and it was the same one she would use against Kayla in
their competition.

What right did Diana have to design something for Julian? What right did she have to involve Madam
Fulcher and Julian to be the judge? Even now, she had him personally clean up the mess she made
when she was the one who threw up. It must be because she still held a grudge against him; she
probably still remembered how he hadn’t allowed her into the banquet.

She was such a petty woman!

She didn’t have any self–awareness, and always wanted to compete with Kayla.

More importantly, it was her fault that Noel was implicated and ended up with a beating. Thinking of his
son’s injuries, Mr. Carter was distraught. He left the room and returned with a handful of pins, sticking
them randomly on the inside of the shirt.

If Julian wore this shirt, he would doubt Diana’s intentions for making it. It’d be best if he also chased
her out of the villa for this. Mr. Carter felt elated at this possibility, and he happily completed his final
inspection of the place before closing the door behind him.

When Diana finished her food, she returned to her room with a much satisfied stomach. As Kayla was
here tonight, Julian definitely wouldn’t do anything to sadden Kayla. Diana was sure he wouldn’t return

to their bedroom to sleep, so she grabbed a nightgown from the cabinet and went to take a shower.

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