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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 173

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 173

Another loud rumble sounded out from her stomach.

If Diana had a mirror, she could see how red her face was as she stared at the food.

Julian saw her embarrassment and prompted her, “You can eat all of this if you apologize to Kayla.”

“I won’t.” Diana lost most of her appetite when she heard this. There was no need for her to apologize.
She hadn’t done anything wrong.

Forget about how blind Julian was! She would still accept if it happened only once or twice, but she
wouldn’t go along with him on everything.

“Kayla has done so much wrong to me, yet I don’t see her apologizing,” Diana said. She rolled over,
covering herself with the blanket, intending to sleep.

Julian, as usual, ignored her words. However, it didn’t look like he was going to ignore her not eating.
He also seemed quite obsessed with wanting Diana to apologize to Kayla.

“Kayla, go ahead and eat.”

With that said, Julian carried his own portion of food to Diana’s bedside. “Hmm… It tastes good.”

Then he deliberately made loud noises as he ate.

Was this really the reserved Julian she knew?

Kayla watched him as he trampled over his dignity for Diana’s sake, and she felt tears of frustration
build in

her eyes.

However, Julian seemed oblivious to his behavior. His mind was only filled with Diana, who was curled

under the covers.

“This soup is really good. I put a lot of vinegar in it, so it tastes even better.”

Julian had only taken one bite of the food, and then he set the rest beside Diana’s bed. No matter how
tightly she was curled under the blanket, she couldn’t stop the smell from wafting in.

The appetizing smell of vinegar was impossible to ignore, and her stomach growled even louder than

Diana’s hunger was back with a vengeance; she tossed and turned under the covers as she tried to
ignore it. After waiting for a while, the smell still remained close by, and she couldn’t endure it anymore.
She slowly peeled back the covers, revealing a little gap that allowed her to look out.

It was only a gap, but Julian took full advantage of it as he shoved his hand directly in and said, “Come

and eat.”

She would collapse if she went any longer without food. Julian now regretted that he had given the
order not to feed her. She had recently been forced to lose her baby, after all. It would be bad if
something were to happen to her now.

When his thin, slender hands slid into the covers, Diana bit on it fiercely and growled, “I won’t eat!”

“Are you a dog?”

it Julian hissed angrily at the pain and retracted his hand quickly. He raised his hand, and for a
moment, seemed like he would bring it down hard on her head. On the contrary, he gently lowered his
hand. “Hurry up

and eat!”

This time, he said it in a commanding tone.

“I won’t apologize or admit that I’m wrong, and I don’t agree with you that I used a lot of force when I
pushed Kayla. Is it still okay to eat?”

Julian was silent for a while before he replied, “…Just eat. If Grandma found out about this, our plan to
divorce secretly would be ruined.”

So, Julian was doing so much because he wanted to divorce Diana? Well then, there was no reason
for Kayla to be angry. With that thought in mind, Kayla took her time and ate.

As for Diana, she felt a bitter pang in her heart. She already knew that would be the reason, but she
still held out a little hope. It seemed that she shouldn’t have. Still, perhaps it was better this way. This
way, there was no burden to bear; all she needed to do was get up and feed herself.

With that, she quickly got out of bed and picked up the food. As she was about to bring it to her mouth,
Julian stopped her. “It’s dirty.“

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