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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 171

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Chapter 171

The following day, there was still no sign of Diana. There had also been no delivery boy bringing
takeaway to

the villa.

She just had a miscarriage. She couldn’t have fainted from not having anything to eat or drink for long,
could she?

When Julian returned from work and noted again that it was only him and Kayla sitting down for dinner,
he couldn’t take it anymore.

“I’ll go upstairs and check on her.”

Kayla looked at the untouched food before Julian and said unhappily, “You should eat, Julian. I’ll go
check on her.”

“She won’t open the door for you,” Julian said as he gestured for Mr. Carter to bring the room key. “I’ll
go. You should eat.”

It sounded like he was saying this for her sake, but in reality…

His heart and mind just weren’t here anymore.

He wanted to see Diana.

Kayla clearly noticed this, and she gritted her teeth harshly as she chewed her food. She wasn’t willing
to take things lying down like this, so she quickly put down her cutlery and said, “I’m also very worried.
I’ll go with


With that, the two of them made their way upstairs. When they reached the door, Julian made Kayla
stay back as he slowly unlocked the door and pushed it open.

The room was dark; Julian looked around several times but couldn’t find Diana. His heart clenched
tightly when he couldn’t see her, and he quickly stepped inside the room.

As he walked in hurriedly, he felt like he had stepped on something. However, he couldn’t bring himself
to care because all his attention was on finding Diana.

She hadn’t left the room in two days, nor had she eaten or drank anything. Had she fainted?

Kayla frowned, watching as the usually calm and steady Julian stumble through the darkness. Her fear
of losing him gradually grew.


Kayla turned on the lights for him, and Julian only realized that he had forgotten to do so. He turned
around to look at Kayla, and noted that he had stumbled just now because he had stepped on Kayla’s
foot in his hurry.

However, Kayla didn’t seem angry. She even gave him a comforting look and said, “Let’s find Diana

She hadn’t changed. She was ultimately still the kind person he knew.

Julian felt a little relieved at that, then turned around to search for Diana once more. No one was in the
bathroom, on the couch, or sitting at the dresser.

Finally, he turned to the bed and noted a lump on it.

Could Diana have passed out on the bed because she had lost all her strength from not eating?

Julian was extremely worried and hurried to lift the covers off the bed. Diana was inside, and she…

….Was not in the state he thought she would be. A healthy flush was on her face, and she was
sleeping soundly.

Diana woke up when the covers were lifted, and sleepily rubbed her eyes. She even let out a small
yawn and extended her arms for him to hug, like she used to do in the past.

Kayla stood to the side, feeling a little awkward as she watched the scene unfold before her.

Julian tried to call Diana sternly and wake her up, but her eyes slid close again while her arms were still

Before this, Diana had treated Julian coldly and even refused vehemently to admit her fault. Now, she
suddenly wanted him to hug her.

Was this woman really pretending to be asleep?

Julian considered this fact, then took a pillow and put it in her arms before saying sullenly, “Are you
trying to soften me up with this method so I won’t care about you pushing Kayla?”

What a devious plot!

The soft texture of the pillow in her arms and Julian’s cold voice snapped Diana out of her sleep.
Realizing what she had done out of habit, she was embarrassed for a moment but also annoyed. Her
eyes snapped open, and she shot Julian an impatient look. “You’re insane.”

Did she need to go through all that trouble for them?

“Who are you calling insane?” Julian was angry at her words. “You wanted me to hug you, and I didn’t,
so now I’m insane?”

It was only a habit she had developed over the years, and she didn’t realize what she had done
because she had been half asleep. Rolling her eyes indifferently, she didn’t understand why Julian was
holding on to this matter. “I’m sleepy. Please leave.”

She wasn’t a monkey, so she didn’t want them ogling at her like she was a zoo display.

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