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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 170

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Chapter 170

If Julian insisted on continuing his probing, then Diana would insist on telling the complete truth. Sadly,
Diana knew Julian didn’t care about it at all.

Julian may go on and on about justice and fairness, but at the end of the day, he would still favor Kayla
regardless of the facts.

What had Diana expected?

She laughed mockingly to herself. It was because Julian had given her the bed last night that she felt
that perhaps he wasn’t as cold and cruel as she thought.

In the end, that was only wishful thinking. It wasn’t because of that.

It was only because Kayla wasn’t around, and perhaps when he saw Diana’s face last night, he only
thought of Kayla and was considerate toward her.

She had spent three years as Julian’s stand–in wife, so how could she not understand how he thought?

He treated her well because he was good to Kayla. In his mind, Diana Winnington didn’t exist.

Diana was going to divorce him, and Kayla was the one he wanted to love and spoil. Diana had finally
figured this out last night, and the reason for her restless night was ridiculous now that she thought of it.

She strode up to Julian, looking like she was about to apologize, but then simply put something in his
pocket. Then she turned to Kayla and said, “Bye–bye, birdbrain!”


For a moment, Julian and Kayla failed to react to what Diana meant by that. Kayla first came around
and shrieked, “Did she just call me stupid?!!

Julian remained frozen before he finally realized that Diana had slipped something into his pocket. He
lowered his head and pulled it out, to find that it was actually their marriage certificate.

Did she carry this around with her everywhere?

There was an imperceptible hint of happiness in Julian’s eyes, but he also quickly understood why
Diana had thrown their marriage certificate and called Kayla a birdbrain.

This wasn’t an apology. It was an insult!

Julian apologized to Kayla and quickly explained, “I should’ve picked you up last night, but because of
Grandma, I had to help Diana move back in. I didn’t expect you to return so early in the morning or be
ridiculed by Diana.”

Kayla stared at the document in his hand, her eyes burning with envy and jealousy as she looked at the
two people in the photo. She tried her best to smile despite the burning rage. “I thought it was impolite
to run off like that so suddenly… I was also afraid that you’d be worried, so coming back on my own
was the least 1

could do.”

“But doesn’t this anger you?”

“No,” Kayla said, gesturing to the marriage certificate in his hand. “It’s for the sake of our future, so I

put up with anything now.”

This implied that sooner or later, she and Julian would be married.

However, Julian didn’t share the joy in her determination. Instead, he felt something heavy in his heart,
but he was unwilling to think about it.

He said, “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure Diana apologizes this time. She won’t have anything to eat until
she does.”

Last night, Diana had ordered takeaway even though it had been late. Julian didn’t believe Diana could
endure it if he starved her!

He passed the instructions to the servants and spoke to Diana. Even though he informed her that she
wouldn’t have any food until she apologized, it didn’t seem to affect her. He could even hear her

after he left the room.

It seemed the period of withholding food from her wasn’t long enough, so Julian ordered the servants
not to bring any food to Diana in any shape or form, and returned to work.

When he returned home for dinner in the evening, Diana still hadn’t come downstairs.

As for the servants, none of them had sent even a glass of water upstairs, as per Julian’s instructions.

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