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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 168

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Chapter 168

Diana was afraid Julian would catch a cold. That would be troublesome, so she went to get a quilt and
laid it over him before climbing into bed. Once she lay down, however, thoughts of how Kayla had used
this bed made her feel uncomfortable. She couldn’t settle down. However, Julian was already
occupying the couch. Though he didn’t explicitly say it, she knew he didn’t want her sleeping there.

Diana couldn’t understand what was going on in Julian’s mind, so she simply accepted this and tossed
and turned all night. The following morning, she woke up with dark circles under her eyes as she didn’t
sleep well.

By then, Kayla was already sitting downstairs.

Kayla regretted returning to the Winnington residence last night, especially since she received a
tongue- lashing from Lucy and understood her position better. Julian was already showing signs of
being moved by Diana, and Kayla shouldn’t have fallen for Diana’s tricks and caused a scene.

Sure enough, when she returned early in the morning to put up a pitiful act for Julian, Mr. Carter
informed her that Diana had moved back into the villa last night.

That stupid b*tch! She really knew how to exploit a situation!

So now, Kayla sat at the dining table, her gaze fixed on Diana. The scathing look she directed at Diana
made it seem like Kayla wished looks could kill.

However, the angrier Kayla was, the more Diana could ignore the fact that Kayla had stolen her design.
Diana knew that if she didn’t openly admit she was D&J, she couldn’t do anything about Kayla at this
stage. No one would go against Fulcher Inc. for her, as they wouldn’t believe her.

Her main priority for now was to make Kayla unhappy, and her purpose had been achieved. In fact,
Diana now felt a little glad that she moved back in last night, as it served to fuel Kayla’s bad mood.

Either way, Diana wouldn’t hold back when dealing with Kayla after this plagiarism incident. After all,
holding back would only encourage such people to go rampant.

“You’re here,” Diana said as she walked downstairs slowly, looking tired on purpose. “I’m a little tired
from last night. Sorry to have kept you waiting.”

Wasn’t Kayla a two–faced b*tch? Well, Diana could also use the same methods to deal with her,

As expected, Kayla couldn’t take the jab. Her face turned bitter. “Julian…”

Kayla trailed off, seemingly choking on her words before continuing, “Did Julian sleep with you last

“We’re a married couple, so of course he did. Did you expect him to sleep with you at the Winnington
residence instead?” Diana replied with a chuckle as she rubbed her sore back.

If Kayla’s eyes could spit fire from how angry she was, Diana was certain she would be dead.

Diana still couldn’t figure out why Julian wouldn’t even touch Kayla up till now. It was strange because
obviously, Kayla had spent more time with Julian than her.

Kayla was about to throw a fit, but thinking of Lucy’s instructions, she forced herself to hold back and
greeted Diana with a smile. “You’re tired out from last night? I’m not feeling well, so I’ll have to trouble
you a little longer.”

In other words, Diana was her stand–in, so this was something she was also substituting for Kayla

Sure enough, Diana’s face soured slightly when the matter was brought up. It was a wound she had
buried deep in her heart, and it was puzzling to her that Kayla would know to bring it up in a situation
like this.

When Kayla saw the shift of emotions on Diana’s face, she smiled smugly. Her mother was right. To be
a proper lady, one had to be calm and endure..

She even took the initiative to get up and pull out a chair for Diana. “Come and sit. Breakfast has been

With that said, she called out to Mr. Carter. “Have them serve the food. I’ll check on Julian.”

She acted as if she was already the mistress of the residence and a proper hostess.

Diana couldn’t help but shake her head and lamented how overeager Kayla was. The key to Diana and
Julian’s divorce was actually Madam Fulcher, so Kayla was putting in effort in all the wrong places in


She was entirely devoted only to Julian.

When Diana observed this, Kayla didn’t seem too terrifying anymore. She definitely wasn’t a threat to
her or her baby’s safety. It was her parents and Julian’s attitude and bias for Kayla over Dian that had
made Diana subconsciously exaggerate Kayla’s ability.

Kayla stood from her seat. Seeing the dazed look on Diana’s face, she smiled and deliberately moved
forward, raising her leg….

And stomping down on Diana’s feet.

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