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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 167

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Chapter 167

Diana had to admit, Julian’s features were attractive no matter where he was. Even though she didn’t
think too much about it, she felt uncomfortable when Julian’s deep eyes were fixed on her.

His presence in this room was simply too overwhelming.

Clearing her throat, Diana waited for the man to leave. When it was clear he had no intention of doing
so, asked seriously, “It’s already late. Why aren’t you leaving?”

Julian seemed more surprised than her when she voiced her question as if she had said something

pathetically stupid. “We’re not divorced yet.”


The man was more serious than her as he explained, “If we stay in different rooms right after

how would it look to Grandma?”

Grandma would instantly know that they had lied. Julian’s words did make sense…in a way.

Still, something was still weird. Plus, Diana didn’t want to sleep on the same bed that Kayla had slept
in. She quickly said, “I’ll sleep on the couch.”

The couch could be pulled out to be a small single bed. Though it wasn’t big, it was comfortable
enough for one person. Diana quickly thought about it and knew it would work, so she turned around to
get a quilt from the cupboard.


The room suddenly went dark.

“It’s late,” Julian’s low voice came through the darkness. “Hurry up

and sleep.‘

Diana was speechless. Sure, he could sleep since he was already in bed, but what about her?! She
hadn’t even

had time to make her bed!

Having been plunged into darkness so abruptly, Diana couldn’t get her eyes to adjust so quickly and
didn’t dare move for fear of tripping over something. She stood stiffly in place as she waited for her
eyes to adjust.


The small night light beside the bed lit up.

“You’re so annoying,” Julian said, his brows wrinkled in displeasure. He glared half–heartedly at her
and quickly stood and dressed. “Hurry up and come to bed!”

Looking at his movements, Diana deduced that he was asking Diana to sleep on the bed, and he would
take the couch. Seeing how Diana was standing unmoving in place, he even reached out as if he was
going to carry

her to bed.

This was too much!

Diana couldn’t help but shrink back at Julian’s furrowed brows.

“Don’t touch me!” Her sharp voice echoed through the dimly lit room.

Later when she thought about it, she did feel that her reaction was excessive. But at this moment, she

only recall the same look on Julian’s face when he forced her into the operation theater.

Back then, he had carried her in. From then on, his arms and embrace became a nightmare for her.

She thought she could maintain a superficial peace with Julian and put on a strong front, but it turned
out that there was a deeply rooted fear inside her that she was unable to hide.

There was no denying it. She resented his touch.

Julian’s eyes turned cold, and a snort followed. It was soft enough that Diana thought she had
misheard it, but she didn’t have time to think about it as she heard Julian throw himself on the couch
bed, and he let out a soft hiss.

He had bumped the wound on his back when he landed on the couch. It was still a little bruised from
where Diana had pushed him at the hospital, and he had hit the lock. Throwing himself on the couch
was unwise as he hit the corner of it…

Ugh. It hurt.

However, Diana didn’t even come over to check on him.

“Tsk. Good intentions are always misunderstood, aren’t they?” Julian grumbled under his breath.

Anger flared

up when he recalled how Diana had taken a step back at his outstretched hands. He rolled over on the
couch with the intention to sleep facing inward.

However, the two buttons of his pajamas were still unbuttoned.

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