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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 166

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Chapter 166

This was bliss!

That was the only thought in Diana’s mind as she picked up her utensils and took a bite of her hot
noodles and a sip of her spicy soup. Popping a piece of meat in her mouth, she savored the flavor on
her tongue as

her toes curled in satisfaction.

Oh, it was just so delicious!

As she ate, she added more vinegar to the dish. The more she ate, the more hungry she got. She
managed to finish two servings in a single sitting.

Whoa, she really broke the record this time! She had thought it would be impossible for her to finish
both dishes.

She hadn’t expected her appetite to be so good. It must’ve been because it had been a stressful day
trying to hide and endure everything Julian threw at her today. Now that most of the things had been
resolved, she was binge eating!

After a satisfying meal, she couldn’t resist the urge to rest.

Even so, she still forced her tired body to collect the takeaway containers and head downstairs to throw
them in the rubbish bin that the servants used. That way, Julian wouldn’t find out about this… Right?

But when she snuck back into her bedroom, she suddenly realized there was someone else in her bed.


Julian narrowed his eyes as he sniffed the air that was heavy with the smell of vinegar. “Your taste
seems to change frequently, and you’ve been eating a lot lately.”

Was it because the Fulcher family kitchen wasn’t providing enough food for her? To the point she
needed to call for takeaway in secret?

Never mind that she had ordered takeaway, but eating junk food was bad for her health! She just had
at miscarriage. Shouldn’t she be more concerned about her body?

A wave of anger washed through Julian when he thought about her not caring about her health.

Diana’s legs turned weak when she saw the man before her. She didn’t know why Julian was in her
room. Even though she called it her bedroom, essentially, this was the room they both shared. While
Kayla had lived here, he hadn’t entered it.

So, Diana didn’t think they would be in this situation now, and that Julian would be on her bed.

Wait! Did he mean that her eating spicy and sour food was abnormal? He couldn’t have figured out that
she still had the baby, right?


Diana became increasingly worried as thousands of thoughts ran through her mind. She hurriedly ran
to the window to open it and air the room, hoping it would elevate Julian’s suspicion.

“I’ve had…strange tastes lately, making me want to eat different things.”

Tears instantly welled up in her eyes. She tried to recall how Kayla would play the role of a pitiful victim,
and mimicked the latter’s pitiful tone. “These are all symptoms of pregnancy… I don’t know why I still
have them. I don’t have the baby anymore, but the symptoms aren’t going away.”

The question of the baby’s father aside, Diana was still ultimately the baby’s mother, and Julian had
denied. her the right to be one.

In fact, he had denied her that right for the past three years.

The guilt Julian had shoved ruthlessly to the bottom of his heart came rushing back with a vengeance,
and he didn’t pursue the matter. He simply frowned and said, “You should take care of your health and
not eat so much junk food.”

Diana didn’t think her tactic of acting pitiful and shedding some tears would work so well in dispelling
Julian’s suspicion, but she easily rolled with it and said, “Okay.”

Julian hadn’t seen such vulnerability in Diana for a long time, and he sighed somewhat helplessly. “If
you suddenly have any cravings, just let me know next time. I’ll get someone to buy it for you. You don’t
have to sneak around and order takeaway like this again.”

Diana’s eyes widened in surprise when she heard that.

He would…buy it for her?

It wasn’t like they were back to their intimate relationship, right?

Julian obviously picked up her question by the look on her face, so he added uncomfortably, “Grandma
will think I’m making it up to you when she finds out. She’ll be happy to know that I’m treating you
better, and it will make her lower her guard sooner.”

His words washed away any confusion she had, and she immediately understood. It wasn’t like Julian
cared about her anyway, right? It was impossible he was concerned and wanted to buy her food
whenever she had cravings. He simply wanted to put on a realistic act for the sake of getting a divorce.

But… Wasn’t he putting a little too much effort into this?

Diana glanced at the man lying on the bed, his collarbone inadvertently revealed when he shifted. She
blushed at the sight of his exposed skin.

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