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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 131

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 131

Diana created this mess, so she had to deal with it herself.

Julian laughed, as if he heard the funniest joke ever. “Will you do anything?”

“Yes,” Diana replied.

She really did adore this man!

“Are you aware you’re my wife?” Julian asked.

The divorce wasn’t complete yet. Naturally, Diana was still his wife.

Diana nodded again.

“Great.” He suddenly picked Diana up and moved his lips close to her earlobes. His voice sounded like
a demon from hell. “In that case, do what a wife ought to do. Get rid of the baby you had with another

Diana was dumbfounded.

She didn’t want to get Oliver into trouble, so she said she would agree to anything.

She didn’t expect Julian would want to hurt the baby, even when he thought it wasn’t his!

This was her stomach!

Why did he get to decide?

She looked into his eyes with great determination. “I…”

Before she could even finish her sentence, Julian seemed to have predicted what she’d say. He gave
Oliver a provocative look before suddenly lowering his head and biting Diana’s lips.

Yes, he bit her lips.

Diana was in great pain.

He acted as if he wanted to rip her lips out.

However, from Oliver’s perspective, he couldn’t tell that the two were hostile toward each other. After
all, they were a married couple.

As long as Diana and Julian were still married, he wouldn’t express his feelings. He wouldn’t put Diana
in a

difficult situation.

And so, Oliver pushed the door open and walked out of the corridor.

Diana noticed him leaving, and she frantically beat Julian so that he’d let her go.

However, Julian continued to bite her lips and refused to let go.

She honestly was…

Much tastier than he’d imagined.

This was the first and also the only woman who ever made him act in such a rash way. Unfortunately,
she wasn’t Kayla. She was neither loyal to him, nor was she the person he loved.

The only feeling he had for her…

Was probably one of possessiveness.

He bit her lips very hard. In fact, it felt like he wanted to eat her alive.

Diana was terrified by the force he exerted. Her muffled crying finally made him stop the madness.

“Diana.” His eyes were red when he spoke. The look in his eyes was less intense now. In fact, he was
almost speaking to her in the way he used to while he gently caressed her head. “Be good. Get rid of
the baby.”

Diana’s entire body was shaking.

She once had a nightmare when she was hospitalized for running a temperature.

In her nightmare, Julian pointed at her stomach and called for a group of doctors. He shouted at her,
“The baby has to die!”

On many occasions, Diana thought that this was too cruel to happen in reality.

But now…

Her nightmare was actually happening!

She closed her eyes hopelessly, and tried her best to run away.

However, Julian held onto her too tightly. Even Oliver had turned his back on her because of how
intimate she and Julian had been. She had no reason to turn Julian down.

“Look! Oliver didn’t even plan on keeping this child. He doesn’t care at all. He doesn’t even have the
guts to fight for you in front of me,” Julian said.

What’s the point of having a man like Oliver?

In fact, Julian was beginning to understand why Oliver, who had always been outstanding as a child,
would give up the Channing family’s fortune after he grew up and work as an ordinary doctor in City


He was too much of a coward.

He wasn’t competitive enough.

It was why Oliver lost to his stepbrother. That was also why Oliver didn’t dare to challenge Julian for the
woman he cared about.

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