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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 165

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Chapter 165

By the time everything was cleaned up and settled, it was already ten at night.

Diana’s appetite had gotten better as her nausea and retching had decreased recently. She would
crave something spicy and sour if she wasn’t sleeping at this hour, such as sour and spicy noodles or

If the dish had more chili and vinegar, it would be delicious for her and dispel the urge to throw up.
However, these kinds of food were merely junk food to Madam Fulcher and Julian. From the beginning
of the marriage, she wouldn’t get to eat any of those dishes unless she went out with Nina.

Julian thought the food wasn’t hygienic. Plus, as Mrs. Fulcher, Diana needed to be mindful of her
image.. Others were bound to make a big deal if she ate such cheap food.

Madam Fulcher would retire early for the night when Diana lived at the old mansion. When her craving
was particularly intense, she would order takeaway in secret. It was easy to do so back then, and she
wouldn’t be caught. Yet, here….

Looking at the brightly lit study, Diana somewhat regretted moving back in.

She thought about ignoring her cravings at first, but the more she thought about it, the more she
wanted it. She could almost taste the spicy and sourness on her tongue. If she didn’t eat it tonight, her
stomach would churn uncomfortably!

Oh, what a heartbreaking craving!

“Ugh!” Diana rolled under the covers and gave in, calling for takeaway in secret. When placing her
order, she included a note for the delivery person to contact her directly and not to alert anyone else in
the villa.

Thirty minutes after she placed her order, she finally received a call and rushed down the stairs. She
completely overlooked Julian, standing at the side of the stairs.

Julian was speechless at how Diana had acted. What was she up to? Did she rush downstairs because
Oliver was here?

Narrowing his eyes, he slowly followed her.

Sure enough, Diana made her way sneakily to the door and cheerfully spoke to whoever was on the
other side after opening it. The look on her face was….

Something he used to see when they were still in a happy relationship.

Thinking of the child Diana had, which was proof of her betrayal, a spark of irritation burst through him.
He marched toward them. He didn’t expect Diana not to return the same way she had come, and
instead took another path back to her room.

She was clearly excited about something!

Had they reached the point where they couldn’t even put up a simple act? Was Diana so impatient
because she was lonely?

Julian glanced at Diana, and noted she clutched something to her chest like it was precious to her
heart before disappearing around the corner. Anger still coursing through his veins, he called the guard
at the door. to detain the man about to leave.

“Oliver!” Julian snapped, pulling the cap off the man’s head. “I’m warning you-”

Julian abruptly cut himself off and froze when the man’s face came into view. “…Who are you?”

The delivery boy was confused at the turn of events, and he trembled at the intimidating man before
him as he stuttered, “I–1…!”

The poor boy could barely string words together and finally felt silent at Julian’s deathly glare. The
guard studied the man and finally took pity on him and replied, “Sir, he’s a delivery boy for food.”

Julian had never ordered ordinary takeaways, and he assumed that all delivery people drove
sportscars and wore black suits and white gloves. He had a hard time wrapping his head around the

Glancing darkly at the boy, he confirmed the boy’s appearance before telling the guard to release him.
“What did you deliver to that woman just now?”

It would be equally unacceptable if Oliver sent this delivery boy to give something to Diana!

“N–N–Noodles, a–and…”

“A love letter?”

It would be something a scumbag like Oliver, who wouldn’t admit his relationship with Diana and not
even. protect his own child, would do!.

The delivery boy was astounded. For a moment, he thought it was a joke and was waiting for a
punchline. When it didn’t come, he gradually calmed down and replied properly, “I delivered some
noodles and spicy soup, sir.”

Julian was speechless at the boy’s answer.

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