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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 164

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Chapter 164

Julian paused. Then, he said, “I already told you that we have to put up a realistic act. You need to
move back into the villa and your room.”

With that said, he watched the servants setting things up in the bedroom silently before heading

“Mr. Carter.”

Mr. Carter was in the kitchen, speaking with the chef about the next day’s dishes. When he heard
Julian calling him, cold sweat broke out on his head.


“Come with me to my study.”

“I’ll go with you, sir,” Noel said.

Usually, Noel only stayed in the villa if he had something to do. However, he hadn’t left today. Julian
studied. the father–son pair and instantly understood.


When the door to the study closed behind them, Noel knelt before Julian. Mr. Carter followed quietly
and stood in the doorway, placing his ear to the door to listen to what was happening inside.

“Mr. Carter is hostile toward Diana,” Julian said, his eyes fixed on the heavy wooden door of his study.
He turned to sit on the couch and looked coldly at Noel.

Julian didn’t tell Noel to get up, but his tone became more frigid. “This disobedience has happened

Noel clearly knew which incidents Julian was referring to. When Julian had gone to the old mansion,
Carter had called Noel and explained everything.

“My father was wrong,” Noel replied, not arguing. “Please do as you see fit, sir.”


Julian raised an eyebrow, his tone melting into something unreadable. “Then what are you doing,
kneeling to me?”

“I’m kneeling because I know my father was wrong. As his son and the highly paid assistant and child
raised by your family, I was also at fault because I didn’t stop him in time.”

Noel was apologizing in his own way.

Julian nodded. Not hearing any nonsense defense from Noel put him in a slightly better mood.


“I won’t allow anyone like that to be by my side,” Julian said, glancing at Noel. “There’s a whip on the
bookshelves. Whip yourself ten times. Treat this as a warning and punishment. I won’t pursue the
matter with Mr. Carter, but if there’s a repeat of this, I won’t forgive it so easily!”

With that said, he stood abruptly, swiftly headed for the door, and opened it.

Mr. Carter, on the other side, flushed at the sudden motion and tumbled into the room. Julian easily
sidestepped the old man, clearly having no intention of helping him.

It took a lot of effort before Mr. Carter could right himself and avoid losing his dignity before Julian.

“Not bad for a Fulcher family butler. But you still have too much on your mind,” Julian threw out his
parting words before he left without glancing backward.

Soon, the sounds of whipping could be heard. Noel didn’t go easy on himself, let alone before Mr.
Carter. He understood that Julian had been extremely generous by not punishing Mr. Carter, and was
instead punishing him to ruthlessly remind the older man of what it meant to be a Fulcher family butler.

However, this scene only pained Mr. Carter. He knew the Fulcher family rules like the back of his hand,
and that Julian had an extreme personality because of his upbringing. He was also aware that he had
broken the rules this time, so he didn’t hate Julian for treating his son this way.

Instead, his hate went to Diana Winnington.

He hated how she indirectly complained to Julian. Did she think he was stupid when she mentioned
how things were different and that people had changed? She was simply expressing her displeasure
about the fact that he had thrown away her things!

It was no wonder that Julian didn’t love her. Kayla’s understanding and compassion were so much
better than hers!

Diana was just a shady villain and some hillbilly from the countryside!

Mr. Carter watched as his son whipped himself, his face pale from the pain, and silently made a note in
his heart.

He vowed to get revenge on Diana, sooner or later!

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